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  1. That's great you made the jump into the professional cooking world. The first, and possibly one of the most important things to remember is humility. There's a major difference between knowing how to cook, and knowing how to cook in a professional kitchen where the focus is on efficiency, ease of production, and utilization of "waste". Practice your knife skills and write down everything. If you don't entirely understand what someone is asking you to do, ask for clarification. Every chef has a certain way they prefer something to be done. It may be right or wrong but as a cook it is your job to do it the way the chef wants. Throughout your carer your figure out what method you prefer, but until your jacket says "Executive Chef" it's your place to do things as you're told. Most importantly have fun, if it suits you, cooking is the best job in the world. Never stop learning.
  2. Simplicity, don't try to embellish your menu with fancy adjectives and descriptions of preparations. Let the food, and ingredients stand alone.
  3. Anyone out there ever deal with Corfini or Borrachinni? I'm working on improving the menu and concept at a small wine bar here in Seattle and I'm looking to set up accounts. The problem is that we're a pretty small operation at this point, and I've only got experience with super high volume here in Seattle. Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. Yeah preferably wholesale vendors like Charlie's Produce, SYSCO, Merlino foods and so on.
  5. Just wondering what vendors and purveyors everyone's been using in the Seattle area, pros, cons, good products, horror stories etc.
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