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  1. d+d

    Tomato Soup

    i like to throw in some frozen corn before i puree. adds sweetness and texture.
  2. d+d

    Bay Leaves

    I really like the Bay Leaves from Morton & Bassett
  3. I just used kitchen shears to cut up my credit cards.
  4. we went to mashiko for the first time last weekend and had a bunch of nigiri. it's my new favorite sushi place in seattle. the fish was excellent. i'm sure it's a challenge for haijime to limit himself to sustainably harvested fish, but the meal didn't suffer for it. there was plenty of variety and it was very fresh.
  5. For breakfast in Seattle, I like Cafe Presse, 611 Supreme, and Volunteer Park Cafe. (all in capital hill area)
  6. one of the magazines named Spinasse best new restaurant, and I have to agree. It's really good. Chef Stowell probably won't be at Union. He'll be up the hill at his new place, Anchovies and Olives. good Italian seafood. Poppy is fun too.
  7. here's a Viking spec sheet. see page 4. http://www.vikingrange.com/MEDIA_CustomPro...ealed_Range.pdf looks like propane output is lower than gas, but it's still better than electric cooking.
  8. No need for a jacket at Lark. Capitol Hill is a casual neighborhood. And if the wait is too long, you're just a few blocks from Spinasse. I haven't been to Canlis, but I've heard it's more of a traditional fine dining experience.
  9. Ethan Stowell's new place, "Anchovies & Olives" just opened tonight on capitol hill at 15th and pine. (in the building i live in!) we had a few plates of 'italian seafood' and it was all quite good. the kitchen is right in the middle of the dining room with all the plating done right in front of you on the biggest Boos block I've ever seen! (8'x12' ?) nice selection of italian wines, mostly white. (and i think i spotted local egullet celebs lorna and henry there too)
  10. I mailed my knives to Accurate, in AZ, a while ago and was very happy with their work. http://www.accuratesharp.com/ It sounds like I've got some good local services now that I live in Seattle.
  11. Had some good BBQ sandwiches at The Honey Hole recently. The Bandit (beef) and the Buford T. Justice (pork).
  12. Since it's still winter, I must say baked sweet potato, no need for accoutrements. Summer is another story, perfectly ripe hass avacados, with sea salt.....can't wait...
  13. I'm not big on eating cold leftovers, but there are foods I munch while I get my mise en place together, such as frozen corn and peas. Anyone else?
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