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  1. Anyone know good sources for good-quality spices and herbs in Vancouver? I just moved out to my own place and I'm looking for basic pantry things like sea salt, peppercorns, dried thyme/oregano/basil, nutmeg, etc. Don't really want to shell out for ultra-premium, just a cut above the supermarket brands.
  2. If you're comfortable buying sight-unseen, I've bought twice directly from Japan over the internet from japanesechefsknife.com with great results. The prices are quite unbeatable and the knives have always arrived in 3~5 days without much hassle from Canada Post.
  3. A quick question for the Dutch natives: is koffiemelk the same as "evaporated milk" in North America? I find it excellently suitable for the Hong Kong style milk tea I like to make. In fact I like the Friesche Vlag stuff a lot more than using the "traditional" canned Carnation evaporated milk, no doubt due to the excellent standards of dairy products in this country!

    Dinner! 2009

    To celebrate me moving into Rotterdam, I cooked up something special in my (landlord's) new kitchen (while they are away on vacation)! This is partly inspired by the Varkenshaas recipe mentioned in the 2009 recipes thread. The name alone is appropriately Dutch, I'd say. after a few chugs on the wine bottle turns into: Pan-roasted pork tenderloin with apple-pecan mustard cream sauce and sproutjes
  5. I'm looking to horde some teas while I'm still in London this week. What's a nice place with good selections and friendly service? I'm talking about somewhere I can sample a bunch of teas in a lazy afternoon with minimal pressure. From the forum I've already noted Postcard Teas on Bond Street which I will definitely go visit. Anyone else have favourites of theirs they like to share?
  6. I'm in London for a few days and I've got a real hankering for a no holds barred, blast from the Dickens era English roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding and the like. Any restaurants still doing this well in central London? Some searches around the forum yielded no recommendations on where to go, so I've been afraid that it's a bit of a dying art around here. In fact, I saw some places advertising such a meat around Bond Street but most of them screamed tourist trap. I'd like to go somewhere not too stuffy (preferably off the beaten track), and as I'm still a student I'm looking at around 25quid per head. I'd be very thankful for any suggestions!
  7. Thanks to some friendly co-workers from the hilly forests of Alberta, I now have about an 8oz rectangular chunk of moose meat (of the lovingly clueless indiscriminate cut of "steak") sitting in my freezer. The thing is... what do I do with it? I've never dealt with moose before. I was tempted to just pound it out and grill it, but the more I think about it the more I suspect I really would want to braise it or roast it instead. Does anyone have any experience cooking with moose meat? How did you prepare it?

    Food Mills

    I bought the Cuisipro stainless steel food mill on a Cook's Illustrated recommendation, and I have nothing but praise for this gadget. I make a lot of Joel Robucheon's potato puree (based on the Patricia Wells recipe) and this baby churns out such a seductively velvety puree, it made me shelve my drum mesh as it is no longer needed to ensure proper texture. I also thrown this baby into the dishwasher many many times and it turns as smoothly as it does the day I bought it. I bought this thing for about $50 on a cross-border trip down to Seattle, and I think it'll last me until the day I pass it down to my grandchildren. Definitely one of the better gadget investments I've made over the years.
  9. I'd be very interesting to hear more about did the sharpening. I currently have a few knifes that I would love to put a convex edge on along with a mirror-polish on along the blade edge. Did you simply dragged the blade through the mousepad, letting the foam doing the work, or did you have to use a rolling motion to coax the convex edge? What exactly is this pink 3M sandpaper? Did you have to use any compound?
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