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  1. I don't use much mesquite, what I can find in stores still needs to dry. I've had mesquite sap sputter out of chunks that spent 2 years in my garage. I pretty much stick to pecan and hickory for everything but I haven't smoked fish, so if I were to do that I might try maple, apple or another fruit wood. As far as fuel is concerned it depends on the smoker I'm using. My offset gets a chimney of charcoal and then just wood splits for the rest of the cook. My WSM gets charcoal for long cooks because of the burn consistency. If I want to grill or cook something under 4 hours then I'll use lump (chunk) charcoal. The problem with lump, is finding good lump. What I've been able to find has ranged from OK to "mostly chips & dust". I just bought a 40 lb bag of Best of the West and when I opened it the the lump on top was in 6" large chunks. I'll have to break them down to a usable size. I've found rocks left in my WSM after burning another brand of lump and still others have had severe popping problems after being lit. If I had the money (read if I wasn't such a tightwad) I would try one of the extruded charcoal products, it would seem to have the advantages of lump and the consistency of charcoal.
  2. Grilling back in July, 100+ in the shade, I took the lid off my kettle the wave of heat hits me and for the first time in my life I thought "what the hell am I doing?" Ground chuck, cooked medium, a slice of cheddar cheese, a slice of red onion, mayo & mustard on an untoasted egg bun. For variety, mix into meat finely chopped onion & pickled jalapeno peppers, worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce and a little juice from the pickled jalapeno's.
  3. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain aka WSM. I've had it run for 18 hours without much attention for the 1st 12 hours. My question is what is the difference in flavor between the electric and a more traditional rig. I have an offset, a bullet (WSM) and a gas "Afterburner" that I used to use with a Brinkman water smoker. Between the three, they all smoked meat but the flavor is different for each. The offset is more time intensive but you can use all wood and really load it up with meat. The WSM is "set it and forget it" and more versatile because I can cook direct & indirect. It's so well made that when I shut it down, it will leave me with charcoal that can be reused. The Afterburner worked as advertised but I got tired of replacing wood chunks in the coffee can you use to generate smoke.
  4. JimH

    Making Liverwurst

    There is a recipe in Rytek Kutas' book. The book is called "Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing", it's considered the Bible of sausage making. I have a third addition but I believe they have published a 4th addition.
  5. JimH

    Making Liverwurst

    I'll look tonight but I'm pretty sure that Rytek Kutas' book on sausage making has a recipe.
  6. Fajitas, I'll stand at the kitchen counter and eat them cold the next day. Beef, it's what's for breakfast.
  7. [Host Note: This post and the two following it were split from the pepperoni topic] What a waste, to each their own.
  8. American's tend to generalize Italian cured deli meats as salami, whereas some of them are dried sausages such as Abbruzesse Soppressata which is in a natural casing versus Capicola or hard salami in a fibrous casing. I would not waste Soppressata on a pizza, I would stick with pepperoni. Leave the Soppressata for eating with crackers and cheese like a well aged swiss or sharp cheddar enjoyed with a Brooklyn Brown ale.
  9. JimH

    Fire Pit Recipies

    Don't forget corn, zucchini and you can roast an onion in foil with herbs & spices. Actually I've been told to just stick the onion in the fire until it's well charred. Then take it out and strip away the charred layers for a perfectly cooked onion but I've never tried it.
  10. JimH

    Salty Snacks

    Salted pistachios, definitly Zapp's potato chips, popcorn, crispy bacon, hard-boiled egg rolled in salt.
  11. Both my mother and grandmother had one, mostly used for frying and freeing up a burner during family gatherings. What's nice is the thermostat, it can be set for a specific temperature (assuming it's accurate) verses playing with a gas or electric dial to keep temperatures in a specific range.
  12. Thanks Josh. You wrote 1092 and I immediately flashed to a picture of 90 & 1092 which left me ??? It's in Mo City, things must be growing down there, I just don't get down there that often.
  13. Happen to know where it's located? The webpage just lists the phone number. I'm guessing it's near City Hall & the Mall.
  14. Next they will be coming for your butter. I wonder if all restaurants should have to post nutrition facts on their menus.
  15. Great - another Pakistani place. I'll have to try them both. Beef Nihari is an incredible dish. ← To update: Javred Nahari, was bought out and after a remodel renamed Chandni. I tried their beef nahari tonight, not as spicy as the previuos owners but there was more beef and it was very tender.
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