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  1. Mercy Grill has recently opened next to McDonalds (just south of Third Street on Washington) in what used to be Rodeo (pronounced 'row-day-o')

    This location has had so many restaurants in the last few years that i can't remember what preceded Rodeo. The space has always looked nice, but none of the restaurants in the location over the last few years ever seem to do well. Entrees are about $22-$35 so we'll see if it's worth it and how they do.

    If anyone tries it please be sure to post a review.

  2. There coffee is pretty good and at $7.49/lb is reasonably priced ($1 for small cup / $1.25 for large)

    The avocados i bought were 'ok'.

    To give some perspective on the location... it's the old Rite Aid (which used to be next to QuickCheck) on Washington Street.

  3. Nice deli counter with Boar's Head products -- good for everyday sandwiches -- for specialty items will still go to Fiore's or similar

    There are a few things i don't understand in Hoboken and this touches upon one of them...

    Who is getting pre-made sandwiches at places like Garden of Eden, or worse: Subway, Quiznos, etc, when we have some great real delis such as Fiore's, Vito's, M&P Biancomano, and to a lesser extent, Lisa's.

    All of these places make their own fresh Mozarella (mutz) daily and get some of the best bread the area has to offer from the local brick oven places.

    It's not even a matter of cost, as a sandwich at Quiznos would run you just about, if not more, than a similar sandwich at Vito's, M&P, etc. (maybe Fiore's is a bit more).

  4. Yeah, Precious and Hoboken Cottage (same owner) are probably the better ones in town, with Precious being a bit more 'upscale' than Hoboken Cottage.

    A third choice would be Off the Wall, although i find myself ordering more sushi (from Precious) these days than chinese.

  5. This placed was actually owned by a "group of guys" (probably 5 or 6 of them) until they sold to the new owners about a year ago. When i heard about the large group who opened it i commented to my wife that there were probably too many hands on the pot it wouldn't work... they sold (to the current owners) about a year or so after opening.

    I had a sandwich from here the other nite for the first time and although it was 'good', it didn't compare to Jim's, Pat's, etc. I'd certainly have another one, but not a 'destination' cheesesteak worth driving out of your way for (imo).

    I always assumed the owner's name was Phil, given the apostrophe in Philly's Cheesesteaks. :)

  6. Thanks for the info so far...

    I'm in northern NJ and would be willing to travel a bit for the right cheese (or i can coordinate with other travels around the state)

    I have tried all combinations of part skin, whole milk, low moisture, etc... some with better results than others, but still not right.

    The hotter oven could play a factor, but i'm not sure (i'm not that much of a cook... just dabble a bit). However, the cheese itself just 'tastes' different than the cheese you would get on top of your pizza. As i posted above, i think that the pizzerias probably use a cheese that undergoes some type of different process during the manufacturing process which makes it a little less 'liquidy'. I would head to a pizza supply distributor, but i don't have too much use for the size they are likely to sell.

  7. I've been buying dough from a local pizzeria and make my own chicken rolls (the type they make in the pizzeria).

    The problem i have is that the cheese is too 'goo-ey' always leaks everywhere.

    I have tried the shredded cheeses from Sargento, Kraft, Sorrento, etc as well as the 1lb. 'bricks' from Poly-O, Sorrento, etc. (the bricks are worse then teh pre-shredded)

    Is there a special "pizza cheese" to use that holds up a little better when melted and doesn't liquify as much? If so, where do i get it?

    I've tried a free shredded cheeses that say "pizza cheese" on the package, but not sure if this is just marketing or if the cheese is made by a different process. When i do use this cheese labeled 'pizza' on the package, the results seem a little better, but not perfect. As well, much of this type that is easily accessible to me is a combo of mozzarella and cheddar... and cheddar doesn't belong on pizza (or in chicken rolls) in my book.

    Any advice or insight from those in the know.


  8. Last i heard this place is now a thai restaurant, before that some pub with a golf theme (iirc).  However, before posting this i did a quick google search and it appears to now be a cigar bar/restaurant combo and gone back to their original name:


    Guess i had the order wrong:

    Nola's >> Golf Theme Pub >> Nola's >> Pimaan

  9. My family was just discussing the place the other day...

    Does anyone remember Nola's in Emerson (just north of the Dairy Queen on Kinderkamack Road?)

    We used to go there as kids more than 25 years ago and Lou in the kitchen would give us rolls of lifesavers. Anyway, they had wafter thin pizza... thinner than Kinchley's, and was fantastic. They were also serving bar sized pies before anyone else that i know of. I remember my family would take others there and they always thoguht the bar pie was 'cute' as they had never seen a pizza that small. "Cute" or not... i don't think we ever left a slice go uneaten there.

    Last i heard this place is now a thai restaurant, before that some pub with a golf theme (iirc). However, before posting this i did a quick google search and it appears to now be a cigar bar/restaurant combo and gone back to their original name:


    Wonder if they're also serving pizza :unsure:

  10. Casual Thai is owned by the same owners as Hoboken Cottage, Precious, Robongi (and for a brief stint, Iluzion).

    I think the food is good although didn't like their satay very much.

    I still think that Sri Thai is best for thai food, and given that it's closer to where we live, it is where we usually go (and get take out very frequently).

  11. I read this thread a few weeks ago and kept it in the back of my mind, finally had the chance tonite to give it a try:

    It's certainly big on variety... but overall i was not impressed. The quality of the food just isn't up to par with the Grand Buffet in Ramsey (and in my opinion not really close).

    What this place does have going for it is that they have some 'cooked to order dishes' so there is opportuntiy to get some hot food straight off the grill, and these selections were better than the rest, but the stuff in the serving dishes wasn't very good. Also to note, a chinese buffet with no spare ribs?!?

    I will add that although i wasn't a fan, this may be a good choice for somebody that is really into seafood... which i'm not. They did have many seafood dishes: shrimp, prawns, sushi bar, lobster cantonese, big crab legs, and a few others... items you don't see at the typical buffet. I didn't have nor do i know much about sushi, but my wife had some and said it wasn't very good, so i can't comment on the overall quality of the seafood.

    Staff was pleasant although there was a bit of a language barrier which may get overcome as they're open a bit longer. This also made it hard to understand the 'procedure' at the sushi and cooked to order stations.

  12. I'm replying to this old thread as it appears that the restaurant that started it, Saffron in Hoboken, has now closed it's doors.

    I only wish the original owner would come in and re-open, but i doubt that will happen. At least this restaurant, which i would never step foot in again, has closed and will make way for another restaurant for me to try.

  13. I don't know if the crowd above made it here but i did on a recent Saturday nite:

    The restaurant was very hard to find and we got a little lost so take the above directions with your when you go.

    The restaurant is set-up very nice and somewhat upscale, with one side a brick wall in which the bricks were brought in from an old building someplace (PA maybe?) Lots of deep red and gold and an overall relaxing and subdude feeling.

    The food was very good and the service even better. The menu is set up like none i've seen before. The left side of the menu lists an item, and then if you follow across to the right side it is the same meat but prepared a slightly different way. They're very accomodating and will make just about anything you want if the ingredients are in the kitchen.

    Appetizers were calamari (i didnt' taste but didn't look like anything special... served with a mild sauce and a spicy sauce, both on the side), a salad, mozzarella and tomoato with roasted peppers, and a pasta and shrimp dish. I had the pasta and shrimp dish which was good, not excellent, and had a little 'kick' to it.

    Entrees: i had a chicken capriccio(?) which was pounded thin and very good, same dish was ordered but in veal, my wife had a shrimp dish which was also very good, and i forget the other entree. Serving sizes were pretty hearty and filling.

    The owner/matre 'd is personable and made sure to visit, greet, and talk to every table. He was very friendly and made sure to make everyone feel special and let it be known that your business was appreciated.

    The restauarnt was quiet on a Saturday nite but given the area i suspect they do a booming lunch business with the Wall Street West crowd. They also seem to be pretty well connected with some local political figures so i can see this as another avenue for their word of mouth to grow.

    It's a little bit pricier than i typically would spend on a meal in this area, but i would certainly go again for a change of pace or for a special occaision.

  14. I would put this place on par with La Isla, very close call here, but MAYBE a small tick below it. For non-smoker/smoke haters its a no brainer, stick with La Isla.

    Sounds as if the price difference also makes it a no brainer... if it's a tick below La Isla why pay the prices of this place (yeah, i understand atmosphere as La Isla isnt' much to look at)

    Thanks for the report.

  15. colgibney, nice to see another Hobokenite on the board (be forewarned, i don't think most of the restaurants in town are very good).

    La Bella Roma Pizzeria (Paramus) does Chicken Parm Heros very well. I've been eating them for the last 20 years and is the one i compare all others to.

  16. Jackson Hole - Englewood (but still doesn't compare with the 35th and Third Ave NYC location of the same name)

    Arthur's - Hoboken (don't tell me your opinion on their steaks... it's irrelevant b/c their burgers are great)

    Oddfellows - Hoboken (makes a good 'blackened' burger)

    Gaffer's - West Orange(?), i went once on Rosie's recommendation and it was good

    Iron Horse - Westwood, some love it but i've never been overly impressed

    PS- if you ever drive thru Hamden, CT (can easily be done on a NYC-->Boston trip, give Ted's Steamed Burger's a try... a unique burger experience)

  17. Are you sure they're the same owners as IOTH and KK?

    Yeah, i'm sure.

    Saffron opened (about 2 years ago) and from the start was AMAZING! Great food and a great staff. They had some 'newbie' pains at first with the kitchen not coordinating meals to come out at the same time and not knowing how to juggle the eat-in vs. take-out orders... but they developed a loyal and growing following. My wife and i would go about 4-6 times per month.

    About one year after opening they sold to the Karma/IOH guys and the change was noticable and apparent immediately.... everything fell off a cliff (in a bad way). We went back 3 times after they changed hands, waiting at least a month each time, hoping that things would improve... they never did and we haven't been back.

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