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  1. That was my thinking exactly. Maybe the scores didn't come out the way the producers wanted? Isn't showbiz grand?! Tempting as it is, I will refrain from advancing any of my grassy knoll theories.
  2. Steingarden was cranky, wasn't he? I'd still like to have dinner with him because I truly enjoy watching him bitch about food. That's bloody entertainment. But ribs? Seriously? Ribs is slow food, not fast food. I too was dismayed by the lack of score card at the end. What's that about? What was the score, exactly, and why was it not revealed? Congratulations to Chef Garces. I'll enjoy watching him prepare wonderful food.
  3. Chef Mullen screwed himself, actually. He seems to be a damn fine chef and his last presentation was simply beautiful but how does a chef f**K up rice? That's fundamental. *Rice* I do think Chef Mehta hit the wall with the over-abundance of flora but his food must be pretty special. I also think Chef Mehta has been edited to look the villain, and while he's no saint or second coming of anything (but maybe the Next IC), I don't think he's Satan/Nosferatu/EvilGeniusBaldGuy or... whatever thing he's being called. The only thing evil going on is a bit of editing shenanigans to provide the unsuspecting viewers with a culinary luchadores, minus the mask. I'm still rooting for Chef Mehta because I really want to see Indian cuisine represented on ICA and I think Chef Mehta is a very knowledgeable, creative and highly skilled chef. On the other hand, Chef Garces is AMAZING, his food looks AMAZING and I'd enjoy watching him, too. He is really very impressive. And humble, too. I like him a lot. Regardless of which of these chefs win, I think they'll bring something original to ICA. It's all good. edited for spelling
  4. That was Suvir Saran. I don't think he's an arrogant ass IRL. He just played one for The Next Iron Chef audience. I think he's actually a pretty awesome chef/author specialising in Indian cuisine. (Disclaimer: I love Indian cuisine.) Rock on Chef Mehta!
  5. That's a lot of strong emotion to be carrying around over someone you probably don't know a thing about outside of what you see on tv/hear from other people but, even if it's all true, that still doesn't mean she has to like something just because Tom/Padma/Gail like it. The drama is irrelevant. If she wasn't able/willing to control it herself the producers had the option to edit it out. They chose not to, and always will. They want the drama because a large segment of their viewers want it. ← You're right. That was pretty mean of me to write. I just spat it out all of a sudden like... like I couldn't swallow it! My apologies to the Kathy Lee Gifford fans. But seriously, there was nothing on those plates that warranted that response. Perhaps people with food issues should not be put in the position of judging?
  6. I am in complete agreement about Kathy Lee being a classless twit/idiot/clueless/dumbass/why-is-she-still-around reject. Nothing that was served to them warranted that behavior. Absolutely nothing. It was all about her moment to be in the spotlight (she made it all about her and not about the food) and it would appear that she doesn't care how she looks while she's in that spotlight. I was surprised to learn in this ep that Colicchio cannot eat hot/spicy food. Bummer. Maybe that's one way of keeping his palate fully functional?
  7. From my childhood: I recall my mom frying potato slices in bacon fat, then placing them between slices of Mrs. Baird's white sandwich bread slathered with Hellmann's mayonnaise and seasoned with salt and pepper. And if she had a few slices of dry salt pork bacon on the side (with the cracklin's attached), she was a very happy woman. She's been thin and healthy all her life and she still is. But at nearly 73, those sandwiches and dry salt pork are a thing of the past. Or so she would have me believe.
  8. Watching ICA Thanksgiving Smackdown: Morimoto/Cora vs Flay/Symon. I think I'm in big*fat*love with Morimoto. Tandoori turkey? Lemongrass soup? I'm so there. May I call you 'Masaharu'?
  9. Thanks for the warning. I've not seen it and now I see absolutely no reason to subject myself to this. Life is way too short. I've been thinking this for years. I'm surprised he's not... already... gone all postmortem. I thought Batalli was married? Or did he pull a Bourdain and trade up (to Paltrow?) now that he's all big time celebrity? Anyway, this truely DOES sound gross. Watching these people makes me proud to be one of those tacky little "rubes" as Bourdain is so fond of calling us. ah! Thespians!
  10. Christ, I so hated this show. I can't even go into the myriad reasons why. I think Tony has bored himself right into the mediocrity he once claimed to loathe. I know I was bored... and irritated. Fortunately, I was cranking on some research so I had something else to focus on... and the remote control had gone missing. Besides the fact of that the show seemed to exist purely for the self-aggrandizing pleasure of Tony Bourdain, it held little relevance to ANYTHING else going on in the world today. I did enjoy listening to Wylie. Sadly, there was not much of that. ah, show business!
  11. ditto. Showbiz does that to people. I was surprised by his blog comments about Donatella and it made me feel a little uncomfortable about liking him because it seemed any friend of Bourdain's had to be somebody I liked. Fortunately, I'm all grown up now and clearly see the stupidity in that bit of logic. I don't care much for smug. Ruhlman seems [to me] more smug than Knowlton and at times came off as a bit of a bully when interacting with Knowlton and others. But, you know, it's reality television so who knows what is real and what is contrived? I fear I'm going way off topic so I'll stop here. edited for grammar and stuff and to add that I like Knowlton AND his pretty hair.
  12. I like the growling. That's my favorite part. I really like her show. I hope she continues on for several more seasons.
  13. I was also a bit (a lot) dismayed that Gordon Elliott gave encouragement to the name of Aaron's new show, "Big Daddy's House". Sounds like something ripped from the pages of a Tennessee Williams play. I did not realize men still referred to themselves as 'Big Daddy'. That is so freaking weird. I don't know what to think about this. Once again, Food Network makes my skin crawl. But Aaron's food did look delicious.
  14. Aaron's food looks great and I'll watch his show. Congrats to him. What I found bemusing is that the shows I hate most are shows produced, directed or otherwise meddled with by Gordon Elliott of Doorknock Dinners & Follow that Food fame. I absolutely could not stand to watch those shows (or Downhome with the Neeleys or Paula's Home Cooking or Paula's Party or the infamous "road shows") and I do not get the exaltation of Gordon Elliott. But whatever. I'm happy for Aaron. I don't think we've seen the last of Lisa or Adam. I hope, for Aaron's sake, he gets a different producer/director/meddler.
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