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  1. Yea, I am backing it. looking forward to trying some stuff out, I can think of alot of different pearls that would be good on oysters! Also will likely make some fun mixed drinks... My excitement is clouding my creativity right now... What would you do first?
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spherificator/imperial-spherificator/description Let me know what you guys think. I am not associated with it.
  3. I would switch out Spur for Quinn's on Capital Hill. But that's just me! ← Quinn's it is! checked out the website and the menu looks FANTASTIC! Might have to do both (Quinn and Spur) as the whole Gastopub idea is something that really catches my attention. I cant even begin to say how much help you guys have been! And I realize that my description earlier might not help you single us out in a crowd and I would like to say Hi to any eGulleteers that may happen past so: Me - Danny - 28 yo Hispanic - probably wearing a dark charcoal trench coat. 5ft 9, brn/brn with beard and goatee (full chinstrap beard and long goatee, no mustache) She - Liz - 28 yo hisp - 5 ft 8, long wavy brown hair past shoulders and brown eyes. Both of us sometimes wear glasses, one of the two of us will have a backpack and camera bag (looking like tourists who are having way too much fun with our food selection). Please stop us if you see us and say Hi! Maybe we can catch a drink and a bite.
  4. Good Looking out! Ill note that - we were gonna go pick up our large order of stuff to take home on Monday before we fly home. Does anyone know of a good bakery/chocolate shop in the downtown area?
  5. OK - 1st off - THANK YOU to everyone for your great input! I wish I could get to everything, it all looked great, but for now here is the (dining) itinerary: Wed Oct 8th 7:30pm Crush Thurs Oct 9th AM - Pike Place Market Breakfast Shopping + Food Crawl (get breakfast stuff for week) Lunch - Salumi Dinner - Teatro ZinZanni Fri Oct 10th Lunch - Chinatown (ID) Food Crawl Dinner - 7pm - Union Saturday Oct 11th Snoqualmie Falls and Winery tour (Columbia and Chateau St Michelle wineries) Dinner - 7ish - Spur Gastropub Sunday Oct 12th Bainbridge Island Brunch-ish - Cafe Nola Dinner - Madoka Monday Oct 13th Lunch - Salumi or Fish stand Departure 2pm THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING WITH YOUR GREAT LOCAL INSIGHTS! If anyone happens to be at these places around these times - look for the young (under 30) Hispanic couple that is REALLY scrutinizing a menu/enjoying the food. Come up and say Hi! Cant Wait to experience the PNW!!
  6. wow - you guys are great!! - I havent checked this threed in a while and now I have alot of research to do - I know I requested fine dining - but Spur looks right up my alley. RockDoggydog - yes I am the typr to wander aroung for different courses. Gosh, we only have so much time and food is the main reason we are going to Seattle - I need to find some sort of hunger stimulant!
  7. Super Sweet, we are taking the ferry to Bainbridge on Sunday... Anyone been to Cafe Nola? And what is a good winery there? Not too excited about Bainbridge winery as I am not into sweet or fruit wines that much. Keep the info coming - VERY useful so far in pointing me in the right direction to research!
  8. Thanks for the input so far guys! Art of the Table looks promising. I definitly like the idea of prix fixe, it ensures that the ingredients are of the utmost quality and freshness. So far we are considering: (no particular order) Art of the Table Sitka & Spruce Veil Crush Spring Hill Volterra Teatro ZanZanni (not for fine dining, but for our dinner and a show night) still dont know of any good local seafood stands or dives/pubs, they dont usually tend to be on the internet... Also, any recommendations for Chinatown? This would be the place for the head to tail/land, sea and air type of food!
  9. My girlfriend and I will be taking a trip to Seattle this October (we have plenty of time for reservations) and we have set aside $200 for a fancy dinner. We would hope that the $200 would include a decent bottle of wine, but if the food is just that good, we can do with just a glass or two. Any suggestions would be welcome, we plan to go to dinner on either Wednesday or Thursday so as to avoid the crowds, but once again, if the food is just that good we will deal with crowds. Also, we have about 10 other unplanned meals and are looking for suggestions (lunch and dinners, $15-30 per person kinda places [bargain joints welcome, too], Salumi is already on the list). For both catagories we are looking for something unique to the region and, of course, tasty. I am a VERY adventurous eater (head to tail). My girlfriend not so much, though she is relatively adventurous, so if there are a few pseudo-normal items on the menu that would be nice. We need: 1 - Fine Dining experience 10 - Casual dining lunch and dinner (Seafood Stands, a particular booth in Pike Place, coffee/sandwich places, landmark places, picnic spots, etc) Also again - if there is something in Pike Place market that is a must have, I would totally be willing to get a hotplate in my hotel if anyone has some good preparations/recipes... (I think I saw something about grouper cheeks?) Another Also - if anyone knows of any good picnic places and what the alcohol laws are in the area (is there a place I could open and pour a bottle of wine in public, like a park or pier etc.) Thank You in advance for your local expertise!
  10. ancient mexican secret... take a can of sweetened condensed milk, take label off. put whole, unopened can into softly boiling water to fully submerge for 30-45 minutes. let cool before opening. open a can full of cajeta. it isnt goat milk, nor is it wholly authentic, but most mexican cajeta is not anyways. this is how mexican grandmothers do it homemade.
  11. http://greenpasturesrestaurant.com/page/1a...s/Peacocks.html for a pic of the albino peacock in full form thanks for all the input guys. if anyone else has been there, please add your experience.
  12. did a search and couldnt find any obvious threads about this restaurant. drove by yesterday, very picturesque, lots of peacocks, even an albino one! but i dont know anything else about it. Prices? Cuisine(Quaility too)? Wines? Any input appreciated, good and bad.
  13. i have pretty much exhausted all the asian markets i can think of [is that MT market the one on N Lamar south of airport?], and all i have been able to find year round are boiled quail eggs in a can.
  14. Im not sure of the name, but there is a really great Korean market on the west side of N Lamar St just south of Airport Blvd. They have a Korean restaurant operating right next door that I assume gets their ingredients from the market.
  15. Im not sure of the name, but there is a really great Korean market on the west side of N Lamar St just south of Airport Blvd. They have a Korean restaurant operating right next door that I assume gets their ingredients from the market.
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