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Born in NYC and lived in Brooklyn for many years. MA Math Brooklyn College. I am married with two children in secondary school. Now living in SE Florida. Rollerblade as often as I can...my I.G. runs along with me. I teach math to middle schoolers. It's trying but I like it.

These foods are great: coffee, apple tarts and pies, ruggelach, smoked meat and fish, chipotle, pasta, glace de viande, cannele, pesto, salsa, chili, pizza, omelets, marmalade.

I love my blender...it's a Vita-Mix.

I think I'm getting over trying to pannini everything in sight (with my All-Clad pannini pan.) My triglicerides went up...

I dub very good bread as Jesus Christ Bread ... for if God really did make miraculous bread on Mount Whatever, would we food snobs have given it a high rating? (Recently an Israeli friend pierced my bubble. You should be making pita then, she said!)

Favorite all time cook book: "The Supper of the Lamb" by Robert Farrar Capon. Most used cookbook: Joy of Cooking. Best learning: 60-Minute Gourmet articles by Pierre Franey. Also "La Technique" by Jacques Pepin. Highlights of my recent visit to NYC. Cafe Grumpy, Christine's for Tripe Soup, Panna II, searching for the best croissant in Cobble Hill.

Wish I had here in FL: Zabar's, Trader Joe's, IKEA and good dimsum.

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