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  1. Well, that's what I did ... just need some more panache. I love buttery eggs, so since I make the eggs with lots of butter, there doesn't seem to be much purpose to a non-stick pan. ← It's been a while since I've posted on eGullet. I've been so busy that I've fallen back on cooking and eating mostly simple comfort food. To me that's just stuff like...hamburgers, steak, chicken soup, tex-mex, fish meuniere style, salmon on the grill, lots of salad and good coffee and cheap red wine. So the omelets I've made are simple and not classic and not too buttery. I'm thrilled that you followed my advice. What did you end up buying? Years back I bought a Vita-Mix blender since I was tired of blenders that didn't do things right. It cost close to $500 with the extra (dry) container and I thought I was nuts at the time. But the expense has long ceased to bother and I just love having a blender in the background that will just do things right. Hope your dedicated omelet pan gives you great satisfaction. Carsanco:)
  2. help! I can't find the link. any suggestions, thanks
  3. RW: I'm thinking about wrist flipping 3 eggs. Is that all at once? Not bad... However, I think you'd be able to do that on metal too. I'm sure that the $8 was never really part of the consideration. Every time I buy something for my kitchen I need to consider where it will get stored. That's why versatility becomes an important factor for me. Also using teflon and sundry other plastics to cook in goes against my grain. I'm still holding out on using those silicone baking molds. If there is a simpler traditional material that does the job as well I would opt for that even if I had to pay 10 or 20 times that amount. On the other hand, the calphalon pan I use for omelets wasn't expensive but I love its feel. It's the last one I'll ever have to buy. After reading some of the posts on this thread I tried to make French style omelettes for a few days. Maybe I wasn't completely successful, but the egginess and fluff wasn't my cup of tea. I prefer boldly stuffed American style omelets, good cheese(s), lots of vegetables and herbs, etc. The question in my mind is whether I could taste yesterday's burger in my omelet. I don't think I can. So no dedicated omelet pan for me. But to Shel_B I would say: Having a thing of beauty for something that you love is worth it so get a high-end omelette pan, avoid plastics, and learn to use it with panache. That's what I would do.
  4. I don't use nonstick anymore because the coating either needs to be babied or it doesn't last. Maybe others have more luck with it, but I don't feel good about using it. So I just use nice stainless pans even for delicate things like omelets and fish. ← My experience with non-stick is that it doesn't create the same type of exterior but some kind of dry lacey outer surface that I don't like too much. Conor 610: You also said no browning, but I think a little browning here is what one wants. Now as far as cooking with less fat then I'm sure non-stick is the way to go, but that's why I use EVOO (and lately give the pan a quick wipe before pouring in the egg.)
  5. I don't think the pan is so essential...I mean any good pan with a reasonable shape works for me. More important is getting the pan to the right temp so that the egg sizzles and comes free w/o sticking. A little evoo or butter, a smooth surface and the right temp seem to work real well for me. Even camping with 99-cent store pans works if you get the heat source just right (but that lacks predictability.)
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    Not food but it's our biggest expense at Costco: Gas. Ditto much of the other stuff mentioned. That lump crab meat is sounding good. I buy the huge cans of San Marzano tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are considered by some to be tops for making sauce...something about being grown in volcanic ash soil. I think I taste a smoother, richer body to my sauce when I use them. Yeast in double pound packets lasts ages or do I get that at Sam's? (I think they're clones. Their prices are usually pennies apart.) Locatelli at a fair price. Lately their grapes. The kids polish them off despite the huge amount you must buy. Wine in magnums fits my budget. My monthly bills get bigger and bigger...Costco must be a giant in the food industry?
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    Six Dozen Eggs

    How about Spanish Tortilla?
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