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  1. Got an email today about the "Taste of London" food and wine event at Regents Park in June. Thinking about going but, not having been before, was wondering if anyone else had been and can comment? Thanks.
  2. Agreed. Also in Tooting is Kastoori if you can handle a meat-free meal, which was recently awarded a Bib Gourmand.
  3. "considerably richer than Yau". Quality!
  4. Yes, was amused to note not a single vegetarian main course, although they do say they will make one up on request.
  5. Sorry. Magdalen is a newish restaurant on Tooley Street near London Bridge. Somewhere between French and British in style.
  6. I haven't seen any Magdalen-specific threads on here so thought I would start one. Went there last night and had a very pleasant meal. Service was a bit slow to start with, but that was rectified as the night went on. Starters were tasty without being spectacular, but the main course of venison and trotter pie (with accompanying marrowbone) for two was superb. Deep, rich flavours which resounded on the palate, really memorable. Accompanying Rousillon was reasonably priced, a fine accompaniment, with a sparkling pot of lemon to finish. Great place and we will be back. I expect I have resorted to a number of cliches in that paragraph, but hey, what can you do.
  7. Clapham's not far from me so will definitely try that place, thanks for the tip. And Clapham definitely is London in my book! Are you from North London by any chance??!!
  8. I'm sure some people hate threads like this, so please ignore if you are amongst them. I've just been to Sicily though and had some great pizza over there. Spent some time in Naples a couple of years ago as well and, as expected, they were great too. Can anywhere in London match them? Obviously I am coming at this from a fairly purist perspective (no gammon and pineapple). I used to enjoy Pizza Express but recent visits have been shockingly poor. The only place I have found to date that has come close is La Pernella, on Garratt Lane in Earlsfield. They have Neopolitan roots and I think the pizzas there are the best I have tried in the UK. Service is erratic mind you, but I can live with that. Can anyone share any other recommendations?
  9. Can't go wrong with the selection in Tooting. For South Indian try Kastoori (vegetarian) or Sree Krishna. For Pakistani try Lahore Karahi (decor won't impress you but food will) or Mirch Masala.
  10. St Clements was great. Nothing "fancy" about the place, but friendly and knowledgeable staff and great food. Swordfish Sicilian style was superb, garlic overload, but in a good way! Great wine too. Top stuff, will be back sometime.
  11. Hi, staying in St Leonards/Hastings this weekend, the only restaurant which seems to be much cop is St Clements (well reviewed by Mr Rayner). Thinking of going there Saturday night and Sunday lunch, anyone been/got any comments? One reservation I have is that it is our anniversary weekend and not sure StC will be "romantic" enough. Anyone got any other recommendations in the Hastings area? Really don't want to travel too far. Thanks in advance.
  12. Pretty sure I got the vintage, variety and producer right. Think they are making their money on the vino in this case.
  13. Hmm, thought it was excessive, thanks for the replies. Food was great though, so probably a sacrifice worth making. Just.
  14. Hello all, first post so go easy... Had a superb lunch at The Capital yesterday, food was absolutely first rate. Had a nice bottle of Cotes du Rhone, priced at £55. Looked up the list price which is £12! I am obviously aware this is where the money is made, and the food price was actually reasonable (£30 for 3 courses), but is this kind of markup, around 400%, the norm? I thought it was more like 200%.
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