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    Thanks all off next week looking forward to it hzrt8w - we are staying yards from Newport Pier - any other recommendations there?
  2. Thinking of going here David would you say it was child friendly?
  3. Hi all, Couldn't find recent recommendations for Balboa Peninsula and Island. We're staying on the Peninsula for a week in April, would appreciate lunch spot recommendations, preferably that could accomodate twin 7 month olds! Heard about Il Farro which sounds good, would like a good seafood place, maybe Mexican as well? Thanks a lot.
  4. Interesting thoughts on The Punchbowl Harters. We've just got back from a few nights staying there. The rooms are very nice, although not cheap. We ate there for four nights running, twice in the restaurant and twice in the pub bit. I thought the food was generally very good - I had the venison dish you described and loved it. Steak was also very good. However, the service in the pub area was poor. They kept making mistakes and when corrected, groaned as if we were being difficult. Informal is fine, but error-strewn isn't. Service in the restaurant area was fine, so I would recommend eating in there, no difference in price.
  5. Fantastic news, just round the corner from my office...
  6. Expectations are low for her "tribute" to Alexander McQueen (sorry not food related).
  7. How do you get a booking and will it be obscenely expensive?
  8. Siharris28


    Hello all. Got back from Paris last week, had a great time, really loved the Abbesses area. Thought I would get a few thoughts down on the food establishments visited - thanks for all the suggestions. Not all Montmartre-related but a hell of a lot easier to put this all in one place! L'Ebauchoir - Bastille - Very Good Thought this was a great bistrot - packed out, we were lucky to get a table, nice buzzy atmosphere. Perfectly pleasant terrine to start with, then I had an absolutely delicious grilled swordfish with citrus fruit, perfectly charred on the grill but meltingly tender within. The better half had a scorpion fish which was fine but didn't match the l'espadon. Perfunctory millefeulles for me (personally prefer the genuine many layered article over the thick slabs which seem to be more commonplace now) and something fruity for the lady. A tangy bottle of Sancerre and the meal came in at €100. Really good would definitely return. Le Cafe Qui Parle - Montmartre - Disappointing Bit gutted about this, menu looked good, place was busy, nice vibe, but food really wasn't anything special. My wife had the vegetables with black olive gazpacho to start - vegetables were flavourless and no depth to the accompanying gazpach which was rather thin. I had marinated salmon (this seemed to be on almost every menu we saw in Paris) which was very good although a bit samey after a while. I then had a couple of fairly decent slices of duck, although the celery concoction upon which they rested was interesting but not particularly satisfying after a while. The other half had a chicken salad special which was probably more of a lunch dish and not a great choice but had another dose of the same relatively unflavourful vegetables and was all fairly bland. Desserts weren't bad and had a nice, reasonable Alsace Pinot Noir, came to about €90. Wouldn't go back there based on that experience. La Grande Cascade - Bois de Boulogne - Excellent Thought we should have some kind of Michelin experience so came here on a sunny lunchtime. Was even more formal than expected but the Penguined-up waiters didn't bat an eyelid at my jeans. Lovely setting and a really nice vibe. Aperitif trolley came round and couldn't resist a couple of glasses of Ayala - €24 per glass but was very pleasing. We went for the menu du marche, which looked like good value at €85 per head including two glasses of wine each. I kicked off with plump langoustines en croute, with guacamole and assorted accoutriments. The langoustines were superb although thought the guacamole could have had more of a kick to it. My other half went for marinated salmon on a disc of watermelon which was perfect for the summers day. I then went for veal kidneys - wouldn't normally go for this, but enjoyed it - rich, earthy and beatifully cooked, served with a delightfully crisp and light vegetable rosti. My wife selecetd a white fish dish (pollack I believe) which was very pleasant but nothing groundbreaking. I finished up with sables de Breton with strawberries, whilst my wife's chocolate liegois was encroaching upon best ever dessert territory apparently. Really enjoyed this place, great terrace, lovely food and pretty good value. The menu du marche reminded me a little of the lunch deal at Le Gavroche - have to say Gavroche edged this for quality and better wine there as well - also cheaper at £48 so perhaps highlights the price differential between Paris and London (noting also that Gavroche is 2* compared to 1* at Grande Cascade). Les Caves des Abbesses - Montmartre - Great Great find this - didn't want a full meal after the Grande Cascade blowout, found a small dining room at the back of this unpreposessing wine merchant on Rue des Abbesses. A fantastic platter of charcuterie and cheese to share for €12, loads of bread and a great wine selection (unsurprisingly) to boot. Great atmosphere as well, seemed to be more of a locals hangout. L'As du Falafel - Marais - Did as described on the tin Simple - very pleasing falafel, well served, did the lunch job very well. La Table d'Eugene - Montmartre - Outstanding Adored this place - worthy of the hype. Bit concerned when we were the only two in there at 8pm - didn't realise les parisiens ate so late, more in line with expectations for the Spanish. Filled up by 9pm. A Tandoori prawn starter for my good self - great prawns and very tasty, although thought the tandoori baste could have been more at one with the crustaceans. Bayonne ham for my partner in crime, served with aubergine caviar on a parmesan biscuit. Pronounced as excellent. My wife loved the veal main course (supplement required) served ambitiously with various mounds of foam and precisely cooked vegetables. I also was well pleased with my slow cooked lamb, cooked for seven hours in a small pot (not le creuset surprisingly) - huge flavours, delectable. My better half was slightly disappointed with the cherry pannacotta dessert, chiefly due to the lack of contrast between the aforementioned cerises and sweet cooked cream. My chocolate mousse was very good but not up to the high standards of the other two courses. Loved the restaurant, thought the food was Michelin * territory, would go back in a flash and travel across Paris if necessary. Interesting, out-of-the-way area as well. Not many tourists knocking about. Frankly, we ate very well in Paris. I am now on a regime to try and rein the flab back in. Thanks for all the recommendations, looking forward to a return sometime soon!
  9. Hmm, apologies for the generalisation. Jewish-Tunisian is sounding interesting, might try one of those... Many thanks.
  10. Keen to try some North African cuisine on our trip to Paris in July. Which restaurants are recommended? Saw a reference to "Wally le Saharien" on another post, which is quite near our hotel. That a good bet or should we try somewhere else? Cheers.
  11. Le Gavroche for lunch on Wednesday. Shown into a corner table next to two rather eccentric (and culturally insular) old gents. Good buzz about the place. The wife kicked off with asparagus w/ veal crisps, frresh and tasty, while I went for mullet on fruit and herb flecked rice, whcih was full of savour and delicious. I then had rabbit and mustard sauce, simple yet tasty, while the wife had guinea fowl with Nicoise stuffing, which really was delicious - you can tell they spend a lot of time on the reductions etc. She finished with a chocolate parfait, I went for the cheeseboard. The food was all great, as you would expect. What struck me was the generosity of the lunch offer. Two rounds of canapes, full pick of the cheeseboard on the set lunch deal (was expecting a couple of slices of their choosing), great wine, coffee refills and plenty of petits fours. Service was fine, but slightly impersonal I thought. They were busy, but a bit more personality in the service would not go amiss. Anyway, really enjoyed the lunch (in there for 3 hours) definitely want to repeat the experience!
  12. Siharris28


    Thanks for the recommendations, will look into them.
  13. Siharris28


    Is Mon Oncle any good?
  14. Hi all, I have trawled through many of the threads on here, but cannot quite work out which would be the best inexpensive (say €120 for two inc. booze) place to eat in Montmartre (or adjoining arrondissement) when my wife and I head to Paris for a few days in July. Probably going to La Grande Cascade and Astier for the other two days we are over, but would like to stay near the hotel one night. Any recs gratefully received. Thanks, Simon.
  15. I originate from a town just outside Southampton, and frankly, it always used to be a culinary desert. Not heard much to convince me that has changed, although my parents reckon the White Star Tavern is good and Kuti's is alright for a curry. If you can travel a bit, the Vatika restaurant at Wickham Vineyard is supposed to be excellent.
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