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    Konichi Wa! I lived in okinawa for a year when I was in the military (Cook!) There were many things I enjoyed. Such as the Taco Rice, Chicken Taco Rice, Beef, Shrimp or Chicken Yakisoba and Yakitori. But these were all "Bar Food" dishes primarily sold to the abundant military personel stationed there. The local dishes that I truly enjoyed the most was "Okinawa no Soba" made with pork in the dashi and an okinawan variety of buckwheat noodles that are much thicker and white in color. Garnished with chives, the batoinette cut red pickled ginger that I don'y know the name of, a piece of the pork from the stock and half of a boiled egg.
  2. I am an avid Gordon Ramsey fan. I admit that Hel's Kitchen was my first experience, but I tivo the hell out of the BBC America to catch all of his programs now. I have to say that the "FWORD" is by far my favorite program. It gives you a better glimpse at who he really is and what he is really about. I respect the hell out of him. It's unfortunate that his opening in NY did not go so well. People seem to expect his restaurants and food to reflect his TV persona. But if they were to watch a little closer they would see that the food is what he really is all about. Anyone know where to get a copy of the BBC documentaries labeled "Boiling Point" and "Beyond Boiling Point"?
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