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  1. This place looks pretty sweet. I'll be paying you guys a visit! How does it compare to Angel's Share?
  2. I am one of those freaks who loves taking pictures of their food and writing detailed descriptions of my meal, so yes, I do keep track of where I ate! MyGrub is an interesting site, similar concept to Gobbl, which provides a simple and elegant food-blogging platform, except that Gobbl is for New York. Feel free to check out I like to Eats, my Gobbl blog where I keep track of all my dining experiences!
  3. Let's face it. Real foodies pretty much know what they're ordering before even stepping foot in a restaurant. What are some of your favorite sites that you check to screen a restaurant and whet your appetite before going out for a meal? As a New York City foodie, mine are: Gobbl, for witty reviews and great food photography Eater, for more street gossip! NYTimes, to see what Bruni has to say! Would love to discover more great resources from all the other passionate foodies out there!
  4. Some of my favorite food blogs include: Deep End Dining Delicious Days Chez Pim Also, I recently started Gobbl, a food blogging social network to document some of my culinary experiences around New York City. If you appreciate great food-related editorial content, food photography, and live in New York City, you should definitely consider joining I Like to Eats is my personal blog page. Feel free to check it out! Happy blogging, everyone!
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