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  1. LKH - good, but not the best. Are you focusing on Cantonese/Chinese cuisine? Depending where you're from and the level of international travel you've done, I'll suggest you not eat any French restaurants because even though they're good, HK's best offerings are its Cantonese food. The "street food" in HK is more like small shops on the ground level that specialises in one (or a few) dishes; like a wonton noodle shop or a roast pork. These places you can get a very good light meal/snack for $3 euros. Tell me how many days you have; how many grand meals you want and we'll see
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    The fresh ones can be - Battered and fried - Lightly battered, then "baked" in a hot casserole with ginger/chive/garlic with a demi glace of sorts; sometimes with port Baby oysters - Added to Chiu Chow style congee - Added to Chiu Chow "omelettes" Semi sun dried "Golden Oysters" - where the outside is dried but the inside is still "creamy" - Steamed - Lightly pan fried - Bbaked in a "pot with rice" - Honey roasted like cha siu Full sun dried, then rehydrated - Added to congee - Stews - Stir fried with vermicelli
  3. Hi everyone, I'm from Hong Kong, and will be staging at a 4 star restaurant in NYC in late January. I've done one day "stages" at Robuchon a Galera (Macau, 3 michelin stars), but they were arranged by l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon where I was cooking then. This time my current restaurant in HK has no connection with the NYC restaurant, and I arrange the stage myself. - Taking notes/photos (not for publishing) Is that commonly done/not done? - Working hours Do I arrive on time or an hour before? When Chef says I can go can I stay and watch? - Taste testing Cooks should always taste (within reason)
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    Per Se

    Hi everyone, I have reservations for dinner on 28th January. If I want the "extended menu" who do I contact, and how far in advance do I have to tell the restaurant? Is $450 the "normal" price? On the current restaurant menu pdf download (Dec 22), there are no "or" dish choices on the chef's tasting, is this normal? If on the night the offal tasting is available, I will go for that (partner will go for normal tasting) - but is there an "extended offal menu"? THANKS!!!
  5. There's definately a cost.That would put a lot more stress on the FOH. And single diners ain't a-gonna drink much either, and they won't go big on appies or desserts. Meh. Lousy profit. On one of your previous posts you mentioned a 50% price reduction if the dishes wouldn't come to the table at the same time. 50%?!! How much do you mark up the items in the first place? How do you expect to keep the doors open if you throw away half of your sales? 100 singles vs 25 4 tops is cheaper IF you run a self serve deli however..... ← hey Edward J the 100x1 vs 25x4 is purely from the perspective
  6. I guess I should have asked: 100 single diners vs 25 tables of 4 will the former be easier/cheap, by how much? hey Florida, first person to acknowledge my point....any guesstimates as to the extra cost being paid for the current system (= potential savings)...I know it would be a restaurant-by-restaurant calculation... I have, but it is so infrequent that is does not come close to warranting a change. If it's happening too much, it means that you need a new employee, not a new system. ← hey whtsaMcGee, excluding the chucked dishes due to another late dishes, are you saying there will be
  7. well normally the dishes go out when the slowest dish is done, if served separately the bottleneck is still the slowest slowest dish...no change...
  8. hey Qwerty, whatsamcgee, i'm not saying its difficult on an absolute scale, most restaurants manage it fine yes. but do we not agree it is more difficult in comparison to if there wasn't this restriction? my main point is asking whether this extra difficulty (extent unknown) has a cost to it. Nothing. The OP has never worked in a kitchen before. ← haha well, you never had the scenario where something has to be remade cause something else took extra long or was rejected at the pass?
  9. what if the price was 50% off if dishes came out at different times? (random number but there must be a tipping point) or what if the food will be better (inevitable, less stress = better food)?
  10. Title should be "Serving main courses to all guests on same table at the same time" = Delivering (different) main courses to all guests on a table at the same time requires effort. Even at restaurants with no ALC, there could be both a vegetarian tasting and a main tasting. At most places it is very unlikely for a table to all order the same main course. Without this requirement, there would be less pressure on chefs, can this be quantified? Will the kitchen require less staff or equipment? At the minimum some dishes which would have been chucked because the other dish took extra long wouldn't
  11. I thought moving back to actual restaurant discussions (Tak Lung) would have done it... 1) As the starter of this thread, I do appreciate your opinion, I just want to know why you think it is so bad. Criticisms without reason = bashing/flaming. 2) I appreciate your changing of "all people" to "some people" 3) If you don't consider what we wrote on page 2 to be criticisms then....oh well 4) I'm pretty sure we post here not for ego, we genuinely love food and are willing to share information and opinion for the betterment of all. Coming from an admin, your comments were disappointing to say the
  12. Tak Lung Restaurant in Sum Po Gong is one of their biggest misses (bib)...smoked chapon; "mille feuille" of chicken liver, cha siu, sweetened pork and candied ginger; deep fried oysters in port sauce....it was $100 per person for 10 courses...
  13. hey Robert!! do you think Michelin are running the guide as a profit making business or more for PR? which country do you think they're predicting will have most sales of the HK guide? I would guess probably proportional to the country of origin of tourists to HK...which would be China...the implication being if they do write the guide with a specific audience in mind, criteria will "deviate"...although following the China argument one would think places like Yu Kee and Fook Lum to do much better and Lung King Heen less, so I don't think that hypothesis is correct. I'm also curious as to the h
  14. "Touchy. Oooh. Why?" Because your quotes: "the incompetence of a so-called expert guide" and "righteously outraged by the blatant ignorance and blindsided approach" are exaggerated and unjust. Saying "unspeaking masses that I so happen to represent" & "I'm not speaking on your behalf, just those who don't post here" has a touch of arrogance. What is the point of a discussion (that is why you're here right?) if one can/will not elaborate their arguments or provide details to substantiate their positions? If Michelin awarded stars to McDonalds and none to the rest then your wordings would be
  15. Firstly I'm not "outraged" and I have no idea why you spoke on my behalf. You do know there are Chinese written food guides to Europe written by Chinese people? Said who the Michelin guide is "definite" and I challenge you to find me a real foodie who uses a single source of information for his restaurant planning. As for 'molecular', do you not believe BO doesn't deserve its 2 stars? And what do you mean by "more traditional cuisines that fit the conventional definitions of 'haute cuisine'" huh?? Why don't you give weighting to your arguement by listing which restaurants are over/under starre
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