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  1. Economica Isabel photos: I believe the Comida is 60-70 pesos covered courtyard, charming and quite local place rolled "meatloaf" ,,,pastel de res, veggies rolled up in it I think its pork , good sauce and potatoes which are good at this altitude large and excellent flan, generous for a set meal
  2. This is the daily Comida corrida list for Cocina Economica Isabel, conveniently near the library. Unusual to have it done this way, easier for us. Many choices. Very friendly staff, sort of forest atmosphere, good food. Hidden behind a garage door.
  3. Now those are Ripe pineapples. Sweet and juicy. (Though I do have to say, referring to another thread....that I got an equally delicious one at Aldis last week , $1.29).
  4. OK , I promised various shots of foods....from my over 200 food related photos. Will try not to repeat....but. 1). On subject of meat in market....long strings of short blobs are chorizo. Tell the truth it all looked good. Surprise to us, many, if not most of butchers were women.
  5. Last year we did the requisite eating of grilled meat at the market. It was an experience, but the meat, very thin ,was very tough, overcooked. The cecina is always the reddish one, covered in plastic wrap, waiting to be chosen for cooking. We didn't try it at the market. But at Santo Sabor it was cooked just right, tender and very tasty, not really hot as I remember. If you search Rick Bayless Cecina pork tacos it is a recipe that seems good to me. Please let me know if you try it.
  6. I realize that I sort of abandoned this thread....once we got home and back to our routine I got sidelined. I have been working on pictures....one camera, one cell phone/camera, one iPad, and two clouds.,How confusing! But OneDrive works so on we go. i wanted to include one more place to complete our top 3 of Comida corridas. We had El Huateque. . A new place with a wonderful woman chef making interesting combinations. Pretty and comfortable place. We discovered Atila Del Sur, hidden a block away from us. Eduardo made amazing things, we needed more time with him too.
  7. We are winding down our time here, heading home soon. Now is the time for questions if you have them. I have one more favorite comida place to post and possibly more photos. Thanks for following along , it's been a lovely trip for us.
  8. pretty space garbanzo soup tomato salad shrimp chicken dessert
  9. 2nd go at Oaxaca Sabe was at Pilar Cabrera's restaurant La Olla. Since it was sold out the day before at 4, we went at 2. The time we spent there a few more people came in. They had done one good thing, made a picture menu of the choices. 2 starters, 3 mains....2 of chicken but no explanation of difference, 2 desserts...only one available. A small pour of red wine for me, a tiny bottle of beer for him. Just said skimpy to us. Crisp tortillas with chili dip. Warm ones with meal. Comal in dining room with tiny tortillas being made. Really nice space, neat, some art
  10. cantaloupe juice lovely salad chicken roulade with queso and plantains sapote ice cream dancers of the night
  11. So, yesterday we had our first try at Oaxaca Sabe, restaurant. Being really lazy we had late breakfast, long and unproductive walk to market, and need for 2nd showers. Meaning we arrived at La Olla, Pilar Cabrera's place, at 4 to find it mostly empty, but special sold out. Luckily los Quince Letras was nearby, almost empty and welcomed us. Between waiter's English and my Spanish we ordered. DH had a beer, I had melon juice, cantaloupe actually. We both got what was called fruit salad, though lots of greens with strawberry and mango bits. Lovely presentation, great frui
  12. color shot...Samaritan day ladies dance event and food shot for mescal tasting...red was very good
  13. This is our last week and since we have seen and done a lot we though we might not be so active. But ,in the way that Mexico tends to do....a couple things popped up. First....the sound of music drew us to the south side of Santo Domingo the the 18th annual event of sampling regional dance, free, outside, chairs, a band , and costumed dancers from different cities all this week. BUT , probably more to your interest....it's Oaxaca Sabe week.....restaurant week. Who knew....not us till a poster appeared on Gourmand next door. Starts today. Deal is 20 restauran
  14. Today's bargain deal at Los Danzantes lemonade with chia pot of soup stuffed pepper oh that cookie bonus picture. .it was good Samaritan day, villages gave out fruit drinks from a tent in street. Missed it bonus thought: The other day we had oat horchata, not rice. Turns out to be good, and much quicker.
  15. A lovely lunch today with our retuning home neighbor. The sun came out after noon, but it's pouring again now, so lunch in the courtyard of Los Danzantes was lovely. On Wednesday and Friday, this upscale Oaxacan restaurant has what we personally call the budget special. Reservations must be made, sometimes a couple weeks ahead. Only a certain number of seats are allocated for this deal. Many more people were ordering off the menu...but it was early. One funny thing , those on budget deal get paper napkins, a la Carte , they get large striped cloth ones. Today, for our 145 pe
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