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  1. hi friends- i saw julie & julia last night at a private screening for the lupus foundation. i liked it. i thought meryl streep did a sweet job. stanley tucci was wonderful as paul. i mostly liked how the movie focused on the existential struggle of both women. julie's personality rubbed me the wrong way, but still the movie was nicely done (imho). -rooy
  2. soba- lordy, lordy, thank goodness the eblog is back! and, from my favorite food palce ever! i've enjoyed your posts in the past and i'm surper excited for this week with you! ps- i'm also curious about those numbers in the window.
  3. really enjoying your blog! man, talk about a carb coma; i wanted to reach in and eat each and everyone of those pastries. that bread pudding looks so lovely. i am a big fan of bread pudding and love to fool around with all sorts of ingredients. Prague is so picturesque. would love to go there someday. looking forward to what you will be cooking during the week.
  4. hello kim- i am SO all over those potatoes this weekend!! i wanted to reach in and take a bite! i have also made giada's chicken saltimboca and thought is was good, but not great. i just ran across the CI recipe and want to use that one, too. your glass is beeeeeeeautiful. is it mostly "depression" glass? i have one piece from my grandma that i treasure. i have a pug a couple doors down. he is the most rotund pooch i have ever seen-and cute as a button. i always enjoy seeing the pug in Men In Black, he cracks me up. continuing to enjoy your blog. ps- mr. kim rules!!!!! the bacon is simply pornographic. what a thoughtful gift!
  5. My entrée was crabcakes, grits, spicy cabbage slaw and a mustard vinaigrette good morning kim- the entree looks lovely. i'm also not a fan of mixed temperatures... i like my hot food to be HOT and my cold food to be COLD. too bad about the toast. quite a juxtaposition: torched bread alongside the elegant foie gras. i'm with you on the tapioca subject, however, the other elements of the dessert sound really nice. i really like how you still gave the good points of the meal their due, without calling the whole thing poor, based on a couple missteps. looking forward to the next installment- great blog!
  6. hey kim- thanks for the kitchen tour. i love the turntables in the cupboards, the baskets holding bottles and the side tables with skirts hiding stuff. like chris, i plan to incorporate your ideas into my kitchen. i, also, have to do the freezer list to stay on top of both freezers. did your pig Chef come in pink? that is just too darn cute. i've never seen them in pink. thanks for posting your recipes on your site. really looking forward to using them. -leslie
  7. kim- i could eat your dinner for breakfast (had to check your blog before i could fix some AM grub)! man, all that looks so great. i just love the Goats R Us name- that is hilarious. i LOVE bread puddings; i made a pineapple pecan one not too long ago, which got me thinking about savory ones. i'd love to have that French Onion recipe. i, too, was curious about the gloves. can't wait to see what you will be up to next.
  8. kim- looking forwward to spending the week with you! i see i'm not alone with the cookbooks-recipes-magazines-in-every-room thing. i also love your blog idea of "new" things. ever best, leslie
  9. thanks for the clarifcation on the smoking. loving this blog. apparently, so are thousands of others!!!!!
  10. chris- that andouille looks deelish. could you explain briefly the hot/cold smoking thing? thanks, leslie
  11. So far so good: here's a preview of what they look like before coating (each rectangle is 1" x 1/2" and there are 156 of them): ← oh, dude, those are positively BEAUTIFUL, even naked; can't wait to see them dressed! your blog is so awesome. thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us! cheers- leslie
  12. and this weekend is going to be a culinary roller coaster ride of pork and chocolate insanity! Can't wait!!!! ever best, Leslie
  13. hey chris- i'm mostly a lurker, ( except for a few posts on anything "philly") but had to let you know how much i am enjoying your blog; i also always enjoy your posts on a regular basis. so, just a few things: thanks for explaining how you make your photos turn out so beautifully. i love how you label your bottles. that IS an awesome kitchen for an apartment. you have a great sense of humor and positive vibe. i love that you are so young AND into all things culinary. congrats on the OK gig, but make sure get a place with a basement!!
  14. Barb- i am so there tomorrow. thanks for sharing!!! oh, yeah, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Paloma-----> my favorite restaurant in Philadelphia!!!
  15. oh, my, goodness !!! i had to take my husband to the doctor yesterday near Bell's Corner, so we ventured in . what a wonderful cornucopia of food. i was like a deer in headlights! since hubby wasn't feeling terrific, we made a short loop of the store. i did go home with some chopped liver, homemade potato dumplings and a raspberry strudel. i cooked the dumplings in some brown butter and they were amazing; wonderful light texture and flavor. the chopped liver was quite nice and loved the strudel. i cannot wait to go back (when were well) and really go crazy- especially for the sausages and fish. i was so impressed with variety and volume of products. thanks for sharing the info rlibkind! now all i need is a russian friend to shop with.
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