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    Dinner! 2007

    Dinner last night - baked tilapia over a bed of daikon with a mint mirin sauce, topped with sesame seeds and sea beans - served with beets and sweet pea sprouts. tonight - pulled pork w/ chili, plum, grapefruit daikon, fingerling mash w/ white truffle oil glazed carrot and curry fennel soup
  2. how often do these places change their menu ? i've been to Momo Ssam but don't remember some of the dishes discussed at all that would definitely have made an impression - fried brussel sprouts for example. Momo Ssam didn't strike me at all as 'haute cuisine' - but i do think there may be a case for a more upscale/ homestyle marriage models popping up. Although in my mind this is just the same as the old school bistro idea, good food, good ingredients with perhaps a little more imagination - but seems to be the basic trend in food, period. To me the trend makes sense and I think it will definitely continue as people who have the love and the conceptual know-how of food co-exist, but not the pocketbook or the style of the per-se, alinea etc..
  3. I forgot to mention I think the comparrsion to dinosaur bbq is fairly evident - i like them both - but one thing in which bisquit clearly wins is the sauces. it's great that they give you a wide range of choices (none of which suck) - not a claim i would make about dinosaur. i love the north carloina style hot vinegar sauce ! (to the guy who didn't - you're insane) j
  4. Very surprised by the negative Biscuit comments - I must say as a NYC transport with family from the Carolinas and Tennesee I am very sensitive to bbq and I have not found very many places up to snuff in nyc. That said, I moved to Prospect Heights just as the old Biscuit (which I enjoyed) closed down, paper plates and all. I was a little annoyed. I've now been to the new and I think mostly improved Biscuit twice in the past two weeks and loved it. I think it's one of my fav joints - no BS, just good food. Exactly what you want in homestyle food. One big difference is the smoke factor - you can taste the beautiful essence of a low and slow smoke style in a big way - very important to me. I'd loved the pulled pork, grits, fries, shrimp and most of the time I've been there (including one Saturday night) there was little wait and great service. The one thing I will say is that despite their name - the biscuit is a little pitiful ! not bad by any degree, never been undercooked or anything but it's small and does not look like the big white fluffy buttermilk style I associate and regardless prefer. j p.s. on a sidenote was a little disappointed by Momofuku Ssam. After reading how the chef does pork so well, I expected a great meal. After trying the pork buns and the pork ssam I enjoyed it but thought it was pretty basic w/ maybe one or two twists.
  5. Just my two cents - Since you're staying in Chelsea, I'd definitely hit up the Chelsea Market at 9th Ave b/t 15 and 16th Streets. Great indoor shopping 'mall' in an old wharehouse type building. They tape food network shops like Iron Chef america there on the 3rd floor. Inside is a number of amazing bakeries, candy shops, kitchen stores, restaurants etc.. but one of my favorites is a great fresh seafood market that has amazing soups for very cheap. Also Dinosaur BBQ on the upper west side is one of my fav bbq joints in the city - they house smoke all the pork and with some unusual sides like pork fried rice and beautiful pulled pork, ribs et al, it's hard to beat for great simple homestyle fare. also WD-50 is a great restaurant for the price - Wylie Dufresne's place. and Chika-lious is a great dessert place on 2nd ave and I think 8th street. great 3 course dessert with wine pairing. j
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