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  1. I was one of the lucky few to be able to be considered a 'friend' to be invited to the 'friends and family' night at Picnic. The Restaurant. for their soft opening. Everything that would you would expect from Chef Christine was there. Donning her typical colorful chef pants, with her partners in crime John and Javi by her side, I was more than pleased. She has surrounded her self with talent both in the boh and foh. The menu, which changes daily, with an inviting selection of small and large plates, all of which were appropriate for a very hot summer day. I would tell you what I had tonight, but it will change for tomorrow. Google the restaurant and you'll see what they have. I just saw it on line myself. Annibel, who runs the front of the house, and her husband Doron were very gracious and inviting to us, and have brought together a talented staff to enhance the experience. Chef Nunn...thank you for opening up a new version of 'Picnic'...a restaurant of this caliber was needed in the area and we will be very happy to make many, many return visits
  2. "We'll be back" is usually good enough for me......
  3. I'd go for Peter's in Midland Park....havent walked in there in years, but got everything i needed when I was there
  4. Planning on moving forward with getting Open Table set up at my restaurant. Seems like a win/win. Cost is minimal and will help broaden my exposure. Am I missing something? What pitfalls have you heard about the system and how it works? Logistically, does it move your program forward or has it been a hinderance?
  5. Not sure what some others are going through right now, but if you are or have been experiencing issues with cash flow lately, I'd love to hear some fresh ideas. Thankfully, our business has actually seen a slight increase in revenue when compared to last year, so the revenue not being there is not the issue (although I am sure all of us would like some more of it). However, I am finishing up some nights with 70, 80, and even 90% of the net sales coming from credit cards, not cash. I'm always asked if I can 'give a better deal' on a catering event if they pay in cash, and thankfully the owner will not go that route. Any other ideas? Am I the only one experincing this? What are you doing to help this situation at your establishment?
  6. Everyone might find www.dinegreen.com interesting. It lays out the standards necessary to receive this certification. PL
  7. Not sure if they have it...and just a short trip outside of NJ..... Call Temptations Cafe, in Nyack. They seem to have everything there....
  8. Came across this tonight and wanted to include it in the thread...just an example how one owner decided to respond... pl http://njmg.typepad.com/foodblog/2009/05/r...r-responds.html
  9. They're back..... http://njmg.typepad.com/foodblog/2009/05/b...z.html#comments
  10. House rules at my place is that if the tip is manually doubled on an auto grat, it is not inputted, unless specifically clarified with the customer prior to them leaving that they meant to do so. I've had more than enough people call me the morning after panicing that they mistakenly doubled the tip, and when I tell them that we never charged their card the 2nd time, it is appreciated.
  11. In today's Record....chalk another one up to the economy... http://www.northjersey.com/food/backwoodsbbq022309.html
  12. Thank you to everyone for your posts. You've all answered my question and then some. Thought i'd throw this in. Found it in the NY Times regarding am't being tipped now being blamed on the recession..... http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/200...ssion/#more-955
  13. Came across this article in the NY Post . . . . . Thought that it was interesting considering the post we are discussing... PL http://www.nypost.com/seven/02082009/news/...tips_154090.htm
  14. Thank you Tri2Cook. I put the same 'warning' to my servers and I got some strange looks....at least I am not the only one out there...
  15. I've been going back and forth with my staff over past few months on an issue, and I wanted get some opinions to check my way of thinking. If a table leaves a less than average/normal tip (say 10%) on an experience that was what they expected, or possibly even better than what they expected, is it better to question the guest if everything was alright with the meal, or do not say anything at all? If they say everything was alright, do you then call them out on why they left such a small tip? My opinion is that for the small tips left behind, you will always get those who leave generous tips....it all evens out in the end. I am not one for calling out a guest on this, as I do not want to offend someone to the point that they will not come back. Unfortunately, there are people out there who might tip below what others will (usually those who've never worked in the restaurant industry) and from the house's point of view, it's better to have return to have another meal and leave another small tip, than never to return again. Does anyone share my opinion? Disagree? I'd love to hear some horror stories or other points of view. thx
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