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  1. Having worked at Disney World, elsewhere in the US, Canada, and now Singapore where every restaurant has a 10% service charge, I disagree with the auto-grat. Servers at WDW make plenty of tips (or did) even accounting for europeans and south americans who aren't familiar with the tipping system. In fact they would get upset when they "only" got 15%. Everywhere else I worked in the US I found the servers to be quite well paid, and in high end restaurants often more than even management....the kitchen staff always got the least. In Canada...while tipping runs 10-15% instead of 15-20%, they get paid minimum wage as well, and do very well overall. Yes, sometimes even $70 per hour, but they might only work a 4 hour shift, they might get sent home early, they might only get 4 shifts that week, so don't calculate a 40 hour week and $100,000+ a year. Singapore used to be a "tipping optional" city, but they discovered that caucasian tourists would get great service and the locals would get bad service....because one tipped and the other didn't. So a 10% service charge was levied country wide and now service sucks. If you know what the tip will be, there is no need To Insure Proper Service (TIPS). And then when the company keeps the 10% anyway, which is standard here, there is even less incentive (aside from pride in your work and keeping your job) to provide great service. I'm curious to know how the service is in Europe and Australia where there is no tipping (I believe).
  2. "There's even a small Italian restaurant deep in the Rifle Range Road area (off Bukit Timah)." As I ate here last weekend I'd be happy to elaborate... Valentino's Restaurant, just off Rifle Range Road. Had dinner there on Saturday night and it was a fantastic experience. Service: Plenty of staff, always attentive and no waiting. And, I just found my favourite waiter in Singapore. Italian, passionate about what he is serving, kisses his fingers when he describes the specials...love it. Price: Brought our own wine (3 bottles for 6 people, $35 corkage which is steep, but I find their wines overprices), had 4 courses and it was $100 per person, not bad for this kind of quality in Singapore (especially when I can walk to the restaurant). Food: Amazing. Starter was parma ham wrapped buffalo mozzarella which was then grilled....crispy ham and oozing cheese...delicious. Pasta course, we ordered three pastas for everyone to share; Ricotta and parma ham ravioli which were mealy, but the tomato cream garlic sauce on them was SO good. Gnochi with cheese sauce Fettucini with a spicy tomato and home made sausage sauce..mmmmm. Saltimbocca for main course which was tender and a generous size, wonderful potatoes, and the most delicate, delicious, lick-the-plate-good sage butter sauce. Tiramisu for dessert was homemade and very good. Definitely a strong recommendation to check out Valentino's
  3. In KL I have only had (and will continue to have) steak at one place...Suzy's Steakhouse. I think its on Jalan Ampang. Cheap atmosphere, cheap prices, great steaks. Tenderloin for 20RM can't be beat. In Singapore there are many options... Morton's - Chicago based very high end chain, cheapest steak $75, Oriental Hotel Lawry's - Prime rib specialists, Orchard Road All hotel restaurants have a standard steak on them The Cellar Door - Bukit Timah Road, NZ Aussie theme, good steak.
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