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  1. Stephan (Bitter Truth) shared with me a few dasher tops similar to these - I'll bring them around to test when in NY later this month.
  2. You're the visitor in Wisconsin, and it's bone cold right now - you reasonably should go red flush before bone white!! So how did you serve the absinthe?
  3. Bitter liqueurs go by different names by language (Amaro, Amer, Bitter, etc.,.) and can vary by botanic intensity, brix, color and flavor profile. As mentioned above, some like Campari are also traditionally served as an aperitif, opening the palate. Amaro Montenegro can be a good one to start, and you may want to try first on ice with a squeeze of lemon. In time you'll be sipping straight.
  4. eas

    Eau De Vie

    Most of the Zwack products are also available in minis, including their brandies. It's a nice way to try them before going for a full bottle. Did Embury really cite Zwack as making anything labelled "Schwarzwälder"? I doubt that would have happened, even under occupation - the Hungarians are quite proud of their cherries - more akin to Weichselkirch (auf Deutsch). Reminds me I'm overdue to prepare a batch of a Hungarian favorite, the Sour Cherry Soup!!
  5. Wormwood adds an element of bitterness and (principally by thujone) an herbaceous note. Even at 8ppm thujone you still get it's herbaceous note. The other ingredients are much as johnder listed above. Note that you won't find any absinthe, other drink or food legally sold in the US with Calamus (aka Sweet Flag). Whereas thujone has a 10ppm limitation, it's 0 with calamus. This came into effect in the late-60's, early 70's. Real shame - it's an essential ingredient to a number of alpine bitters still sold in Europe.
  6. eas

    Pimento Dram

    I would guess that when 'making your own' moves away from necessity, we may see even greater variety and personalization in home production. Even with 3 or 4 Nocini on the market, many of us still make our own, and it's no less a joy to make and share!
  7. ok, I confess too, I was eying this Fisher Scientific to step up my stirring at home...but not for martinis https://www.fishersci.com/wps/portal/!u...g=&fromSearch=Y
  8. To the point of the excerpt, veal stock demi-glace is a staple in the home kitchen and is rightly an exceptional foundation. Way back when dating, finding this in my now wife's fridge was a moment of great satisfaction (and relief). The book is on the holiday list so will wait to see what Santa brings (and hopefully penned in the Heights). That and hopefully some anitique marrow spoons.
  9. crif dog mischief continues...the bagel scallion one had crunch and was really good. And I had a chance to sample from the vastly expanded cocktail menu.
  10. The Castries is itself a bottled version of the Peanut Punch traditional in many parts of the West Indies. There are a couple of interesting cocktails on the producer's website - most interesting may be the combination with an once of tawny port.
  11. Castries Peanut Rum Cream is a tasty traditional drink from St Lucia. Cool bottle too
  12. In addition to great writing, there's another pursuit of his that he may be better known for in the DC-area: http://www.ericfelten.com/booking.html
  13. the lunch bento is great at $12 - and when there last Friday noon not so crowded at all! Nonetheless was still craving that pigs head dish...
  14. eas

    Maple Spirit

    There is a maple liqueur called "Sortilege" imported by Laird's (the applejack maker) which is blended with Canadian Whiskey. http://lairdandcompany.com/products_spirits_imported.htm
  15. For those interested in knowing how the TTB evaluates Absinthe by formulation and label, there are two new circulars on the topic, as below: http://ttb.gov/industry_circulars/archives/2007/2007_05.html While the 10ppm limit is nothing new, the standards on label approval are interesting in the limitations on the use of the term "Absinthe" and suggestive "mind-altering" imagery. ______ In addition to the requirement that a product be “thujone-free,” TTB applies the following guidelines in approving labels and reviewing advertisements: o Since there is no class and type understandin
  16. If you intend to mail or travel with the bottles, I'd highly recommend also buying shrink capsules, which you can apply with steam from a kitchen kettle. If you havn't discovered already, Nocino stains like few other spirits!!
  17. There are some additional recipes using the Batavia at the Alpenz website under serving/recipes. Given that you can use it to make your own Swedish Punsch in minutes, also consider the cocktail recipes that call for the Punsch as fair game. More generally, the mixing of rum with Batavia Arrack is questionable. My understanding is that it was done historically for reasons of relative costs and availability. While personal and contemporary taste preferences may lean some towards the sometimes heavy oak/vanilla of Jamaican rums, you can get a conflict with (and sometimes overpower) the teak
  18. eas


    Think the publisher will put up for a book tour / roadshow to promote the book?
  19. I suppose much depends how blue you want your sky! Most Aviations I've been served have just a light violet-blue tint. I've had a number of Aviations recently where the CdV was layered to good effect. The last two (now in San Francisco) have included a brandy-soaked maraschino and really captured that sky at sunset transition. Moving on the color spectrum, PDT is currently doing a cocktail called the Silver Lilly that is near luminescent in its silvery blue. If I recall correctly, its made with equal parts Plymouth, CdV, lemon juice, cointreau and an egg white.
  20. my bottle is much the same as the one in the immediate prior post. the taste is definately different than the current picon
  21. I've only seen it in California; not sure who distributes in New York. Why not ask next time you're in Pegu? Perhaps someone with ready access to a NY Bev Media guide could check?
  22. Storage preference aside, a fine eaux-de-vie should never be served ice cold. If you find you don't enjoy the burn certain styles of eaux-de-vie provide, consider switching to an alternate style of eaux-de-vie.
  23. We're seeing divergent trends in packaging design: some producers are moving towards more production and environmentally-friendly design (lighter and packing/shipping efficient) whereas many others are veering towards highly unique shapes and often heavier bottles. Perhaps some see their destiny on the shelf rather than the rail, so focus on design for best placement. The most user friendly new design might be the new Bols bottles, though the US offering and contents seem to be unchanged.
  24. and Picon's home today... http://www.diageo.com/en-row/OurBrands/All...Z/AmerAperitif/
  25. Absinthe Promotion at "Ye Waverly Inn" http://www.urbandaddy.com/articles/738/the...ity_nyc_leisure " Go green at Ye Waverly Inn as re-legalized Absinthe hits their cocktail list. There's the Absinthe Minded Martini (Absinthe, gin, sour mix, orange) and a classic Sazerac with Absinthe for a little extra kick. The early bird gets the wormwood... " The photo shows the LaFee Absinthe, which many saw promoted at this years TOC. Given that LaFee is not yet TTB approved, think they're serving Lucid? Who needs the extra kick here?
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