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  1. Hi Yojimbo - in the standard 2:1 mix with soda on ice, use lemon peel instead of orange slice. To my well worn palate there's something ambrosia coming out of that wine base - caveat that I sell and sometime drink the potion - decide for yourself...!
  2. Writing here as US importer for Cocchi Americano (Bianco), we are just now rolling out in the US their Americano Rosa. Where the Bianco has a wine base of their estate Moscato, the Rosa is a blend of Brachetto d'Acqui and Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Both variatals give notes of white rose and summer berries, strawberry in particular. If you'd like to taste one of the base wines, seek out the Cocchi Brachetto d'Acqui we sell in select markets. Enjoy!
  3. Marketing Department - ha! There's nothing corporate with this one. For those not following the thread, in disclosure I speak as representative for the importer into the USA. This is/was the 1890's label that was to be replaced by the key in the golden age (20's - 30's) for Quinquina. The blossom label in the picture was for us to be a special edition, but now we'll keep it sometimes available along with the key label. Same juice inside both.
  4. At home we go through a fair amount of Bonal in two simple drinks my wife loves: 1:1 Bonal and fresh cider 1:1:1 Bonal, fresh cider, and Genever Both are stirred over ice, strained. Regarding preservation, the Bonal will last longer than most vermouth b/c the base is all mistell (brandy fortified grape juice, aka unfermented grape must) instead of wine. That said, as a natural product with a grape base it will turn in time.
  5. I'll chime in as importer for the Kronan Swedish Punsch. It has arrived and is in (or in transit to) New York, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Oregon, Washington, DC, and some others. A few things to point out on the profile. You won't detect any citrus - the Swedes have a tradition of serving it with fresh citrus (if using citrus at all). So I'd suggest trying it with a squeeze of fresh lime, maybe with a cube or two of ice. The rums and Batavia Arrack are old-school and leathery, each a little different than what's on market today. And as with other Swedish-made Swedish Punsch, the spice element is restrained. If comparing to other current or near current punsches made in Sweden, you'll likely Kronan more flavor intensive than the Carlshamm, Cederlunds, Facile, or the late Groenstadt Blu. Take note that this product improves with age, so consider if comparing with 5+ yr old bottles of Facile or Groenstadt. The Doctor and Doctor Cocktail proportions on Cocktail DB worked well for me. Have not tried warmed with Pea Soup yet...
  6. We've had a few wine-beer license accounts wanting to do Amer/Beer drinks, and (so they say) have had some success mixing Angostura Orange and Bonal Gentiane-Quina (in disclosure my team represents). As you may know from up-thread and or the old bottle label, the old Picon was built on gentian, quinine and citrus. To build to old-school Amer you could add proof vodka and more sugar to taste.
  7. For those waiting on the Kronan, it's (clearly) had countless delays and just now awaiting an open slot for production back in Sweden. I'll post once on the water with more details.
  8. That same Pages bottle did not have Creme de Violette on the label in Europe, but as Parfait Amour go it is (in my opinion) by far better than the Brizard product.
  9. For those unfamiliar with Bonal, it's a true Quinquina - quinine is the principal botanical and bittering agent. The base is Mistelle, a fortified unfermented grape must - think Pineau des Charentes or just brandy fortified grape juice. In the home region this is served with a squeze of lemon and on the rocks, maybe some soda. Given the mistelle base it's also nice for stretching out the wood on brown spirits. A simple demonstration is a 1:1 with rye and a dash or two of orange bitters.
  10. Perhaps more importantly, which sweet vermouth? Whether the light Dolin or a heavier Cocchi VdT or Cinzano, the drink should work. In my opinion, Carpano's Antica, as a vanilla vermouth, overwhelms this drink every time whichever the gin.
  11. eas

    Rum, rum....

    Either label, its a fine and very useful product.
  12. Just received my copy from Amazon!!!
  13. You go enjoy that Bacardi and Jim Beam now and see if we don't take your Agricole, Rittenhouse and Mezcal away.
  14. Assuming here we're talking about white rums. As I prefer rums with real flavor and a bit of rum funk, I'd reach first for an Agricole Blanc. In the molasses-based, I'm a big fan of the Banks Five Island which makes a killer daquiri. If on a budget, the Denizen Rum product has great flavor and a killer price. The Flor de Cana and El Dorado are ok but given a choice for me they still too light.
  15. eas

    Rum, rum....

    Kent - most all of Sam's list is in NY, and I'd think you'd find in Austin as well. Drop me a line if I can assist. All the best, Eric
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