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  1. Hi Ronnie, I think the liquor store inside the nearby Giant Eagle has a decent selection of spirits. It's about 3 miles away from Chubby Chef's location. If you are looking for something specific, I can try to check for you, or you may want to give them a call: Legacy Village Giant Eagle 25105 Cedar Road Lyndhurst, OH 44124 (216) 920-3300 (Store) (216) 382-4250 (State Liquor Agency)
  2. Hi Nancy. I won't make the lunch on Sunday.
  3. Hi! I'd like to attend some of these events: Thurs Night - Tremont Crawl: Definitely! Fri day - Maybe. May not be able to take off from work. Fri Happy Hour - Velvet Tango Room - YES! Fri Dinner - Greenhouse Tavern - Maybe. Sat shopping: West Side Market and North Union Farmers' Market - Maybe. Sat Feast - The Chubby Cook, Beachwood Ohio - Probably Sunday farewell meal - Cropicana, Whiskey Island. - Maybe. Thanks so much, Nancy! ~Beth Goldstein
  4. Your pictures look great Nancy! The new Peppermint opened at Lander Circle. Have you been there yet? I have only been to the Coventry location once, but it was pretty good. bg
  5. It was fun to watch everyone enjoy their pig. It was too porky for me, but there's always something good on the menu. The heirloom tomato salad was very nice, and I could live off that garlic dip. The grilled pita is perfect. Bummer about the window, but it was nice smelling the hot grill down the street. The pig roast is such a great idea. Maybe we could talk Matt into throwing a few shrimp and veggies on there too? Or an Ahi tuna steak would be even better! It was nice to talk with Michael about his travel and culinary adventures. Thanks for the pictures - great as usual! What a nice evening.
  6. As always, great pictures and descriptions Nancy! It was a lot of fun to enjoy good pizza with you, Bob and Kris! Thanks, Beth
  7. I want to add my thanks to everyone for such a great weekend. I can't remember when I've had so much fun, or eaten so well. Nancy, you did an awesome job at planning the weekend, and everything went so smoothly. You rock! Lola and VTR were amazing as always. I believe that was my first try at walleye, and it was very enjoyable. I think I need to stop back there this week for the tomato salad and the strawberry dessert. I agree with Diane, the best part was Sunday at the church, hanging out with everyone, and watching all the energy in the kitchen. Also, Tammy's chocolate and wine tastings were very educational and enjoyable. All the breads, and dishes, and desserts were excellent. I can actually say I have now tasted goat meat - another first for me. I can't believe how many dishes we had at CC's. They just kept coming and coming. The blue egg ravioli just keeps improving. I think I like it better with the arugula sprigs than the sage. The panzanella salad is my favorite, I only wish it could be in season a little longer. I have CRSalmon in my fridge for dinner tonight. It was really great to meet everyone on the forum, and share this weekend with you all. I am also looking forward to Chicago.
  8. Nancy, Those are truely great pictures. It looks like you have a wonderful time. If you say the crab was good, it must have been phenomenal! I wish I could find honeydew sushi around here, that was my favorite dish that you had. Thanks so much for the picturebook of your vacation! Happy Birthday! Beth
  9. Those pictures look great! Thanks for sharing them. I have to get back there for their crab cakes - those must be the best in the city. Those choc chip cookies look very good too!
  10. Great pictures of Paulius. Thanks for posting them. Darn, now I want a banana's foster, but today is Sunday.
  11. The dinner was truely wonderful - thanks for posting the pictures Edsel! We all thought that it was quite a bargain at $65. The skatewing was fantastic - flaky and juicy. The pasta and gnocci were also standouts. I think that hot chocolate had about a million calories in it - it was soo rich, but so good - a little went a long way. I too am looking forward to attending these wine dinners in the future.
  12. Wow Nancy, great pictures as always. That scallop dish looks amazing! Is that ever on their regular menu? Thanks for sharing your meal with us!
  13. Fantastic pictures Edsel and Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing these. I too can not wait to try their regular menu. The seared rare tuna entree is calling my name!
  14. Wow Nancy, those pictures are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. After looking at those beautiful sushi pictures, I think I need to pick up some for dinner tonight.
  15. Hi Edsel, Thanks for taking those wonderful pictures! Everything was perfect for my Birthday. The food at Lola was delicious, the service was top notch, and I was so happy to be with all my friends. The night was so special to me, and it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life. Thank you Edsel, and to everyone else who joined us, for sharing it with me! Kris, thanks for the birthday wish! Beth
  16. Great pictures Nancy! Thanks for letting me re-live the dinner. It was a lovely meal, with very good company.
  17. Wow Nancy & Edsel, Those pictures are great! Everything looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing them. I can't wait to try Lola again - especially the pumpkin dessert! ~Beth
  18. Absolutely! I think that sounds like a great idea, Nancy.
  19. Ty Fun - I joined Edsel at Ty Fun this week. Edsel, those pictures are great! The space is very comfortable and classy, and the dishes were presented beautifully. Also, rare for Tremont, is there is a parking lot next to the building (which needs to be re-paved), which is convenient. I had the seafood hot plate in Edsel's pictures. I thought it was tasty, but a little too much anise taste to my liking. Also, in both the Tom Yum Goon soup, and the Hot Plate dish, I thought they skimped a little on the seafood for the price. The soup had 2 or 3 shrimp, and my Hot Plate had maybe 3 shrimp, 4 squid, 2 scallops and 4 mussels. The other dishes I tasted were very enjoyable, I think the whole fish was probably the best on our table. Our party agreed that it is a different style and experience than Siam Cafe, and Ty Fun doesn't really lend itself to family style dining. I enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to going back and trying different appetizers and the other seafood entrees. That mango cheesecake was heavenly.
  20. Hi Edsel. I just joined EGullet! I have eaten in and done takeout from Sun Luck Garden a few times and have really enjoyed it. I like their Yu Shan Shrimp and Scallops, and their Sizzling Rice soup is amazing - and its getting to be good soup weather. The desserts are not to be missed - probably the best desserts in a Chinese restaurant in the city. I'd be happy to meet you there for dinner, if you want. Its about 3 miles from my house, and yes, it is difficult to get to from any freeway. Beth
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