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  1. What is the best way to resurrect frozen mac and cheese. I've been steaming it for best results. Who am I kidding I think I have only frozen mac and cheese once. I have been steaming stuff as opposed to radiation lately though :huh:

    I realizing you're joking, but if you were to vacuum seal mac & cheese, you could probably bring it back up to temp in a water bath the way those Stouffer's creamed chipped beef deals are.

  2. That budget certainly limits the St. Louis picks

    Niche is definitely the don't miss for our city in a higher range, but cheaper, I'll throw these out:

    La Pizza - Killer Meatball subs and pizza - http://www.saucemagazine.com/lapizza/

    Banh Mi So - Vietnamese - www.banhmiso1.com

    Stellina Pasta Cafe - house made fresh pasta, and the best pulled pork (oddly) I've ever had - www.stellinapasta.com

    I'll second Iron Barley, though it might be a touch over $15 depending on what you get, and with their limited but excellent beer menu, you'd be hard pressed not to want to have a taste.

  3. Yeah, tried going here tonight.  Reservation people weren't all that friendly.  5:30 was all they had.

    go at lunch...we walked right in and were seated promptly at the end of May as everyone wanted Frontera. We did not, having eaten there many times before.

    It was a great experience which if I find the time will comment on further later....more then anything though we had some of the best service we've ever had.

  4. terraspice.com just got back to me.

    "The retail cost per pound is $16.96 and it is available in one pound increments. The price does not include shipping. You can place an order by emailing me at judy@terraspice.com with your shipping and payment information.



    They offer wholesale pricing to restaurants as well though I'm not sure what that cost would be.

  5. ditto - doolittle needs to show!!  very curious, indeed!


    Here i am, evidently i had an account this whole time......who knew?

    Glad to see you here. In I guess 1998 when I was the pastry chef on a jr culinary olympic team I set up a dinner with my team and a couple other random teams members we'd picked up at competition. We were crammed in the front of the ever tiny Stolen Grill as a last minute favor, and I was served one of the most memorable meals I'd eaten to this day. I can still remember you finishing all your sauces to order in 1/2 quart pans, and I recall a cook in the back of your tiny kitchen cleaning proteins in the middle of service.

    It was a great night, and within the next two months I drove to KC with my girlfriend to show her what all my fussing was about with another fantastic meal.

    I do monthly searches for your name hoping that I'll come up with where you've landed so that I can make whatever trek is necessary to show my wife what it is I've been fussing about all these years.

    Sad or not, I'm no longer a cook but I now have a job that has given me the luxury of afforind seats in some of the best restaurants in the country. Still, when thinking of all my memorable meals, I always come back to the Stolen Grill when I think of a meal that was simply put, perfect.

    So...where are you anyway?

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