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  1. Many thanks - thats exactly what I'm after - hopefully I get hold of in the UK! Kindest regards Justin
  2. Is anyone here aware of where I go buy a double-pan rosti frypan (ie two fry pans hinged together so turning over to cook the other side is easy)? I remember seeing one many years back at a friends house in Switzerland - but googling back here in the UK I see nothing on the web. Any ideas greatly received! many thanks Justin
  3. Hi there, I am creating a wedding list and want to choose some saucepans, saute pans etc for the list. The shop my wedding list is at only has Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Anodized pans plus his professional series pans. We want to have a set of good quality non-stick (not being professional cooks) so the professional series don't meet our needs - so we are planning to order the hard anodised pans ("anodized" for you in the US!). Does anyone have experience of these pans and recommend them (or not). Any thoughts most gratefully received Many thanks Justin
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