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  1. Another use for malt powder is in pat bing su - the Korean version of ais kacang, halu-halo, shaved ice, etc. Gives it an extra nutty flavor. Which reminds me.... I hafta dust off my bingsuji - little plastic ice grinder which pulverizes ice to proper patbingsu consistency. Now that its getting hotter.... Hmmm... relooking at the original message, I see your powder is "like quick-cooking oatmeal." The Korean malt powder I use is an actual powder. --phage
  2. There's various types of haejangguk - you wouldn't even think they'd have anything in common beside that they contain hot liquid. First kind I had had dried pollack and not much else - thin, bland and uninteresting. Just the restaurant I guess, 'cause I've had better pollack haejangguk since. There's bbyeo haejangguk - that's something similar to kamjatang, but maybe without the potatos - big spine bones in soup. Another kinds uses a lot of spinach. Then there's the pork blood kind. And a kind that focuses on having lots of soybean sprouts. Probably more I've missed.... There's a street in Jongno, in Seoul, that has some famous drinking establishments. The next street over has famous haejangguk restaurants - conveniently located! -phage-
  3. FatManSeoul announced in his last post that the blog would be left up for a year. It's now been a couple months over and hopefully it'll be up a lot longer. This one is a real classic and it was the blog that most inspired me to blog when I went to Korea. I didn't limit my subject matter, but a number of my pages are food-related (meals, pictures from markets, and rice cake, etc). Not wanting to blow my own horn (ummm... well, yes I do...) anyway you'll find it at http://middlekorea.livejournal.com -phage-
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