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  1. Never mind about the sharks, what about all those birds with no nests to fly home to? It's a disgrace S
  2. It does make you thirsty though, very thirsty. Other than that, 4 billion chinese can't be wrong! S
  3. They are leaving the sinking ship! Cant blame them S
  4. Back to Australia? I know I would be given the state of this nation. Maybe he's going back to his old job of being an advertising creative director there, it pays even more than being a Sindy columnist I hear. Informative and reliable, but somewhat dull reads. Nice man whenever I have spoken to him, no ego like the others. S
  5. It gets very mixed/polarised opinions. I liked it a lot, although the russian starters were a bit odd I fear some people dislike the place on principle rather than on actually eating there S
  6. I havent been there for years - it was expensive and crowded and at that time there was a tendency to seat the micro slebs first. A classy night out, tho but and good food N
  7. Yes up to a point, after all it's not quite a sample when the team are cooking in a tent! That's a bit unfair. I have had bad samples from people I know are normally good, so it's a bit of a lottery really. I don't diss the concept, I just think its overcharging rather badly. And what was with giving away the big magazine on the way out? Once you look at that you have more idea of where to go, but that's not a lot of use when you're leaving though is it? I sat on the bus and thought. 'Damn!' S
  8. Indeed and does anyone know where Chris has gone? I'd happily go to a new place of his rather more than I'd go to a new Bloominghell place S
  9. Same as usual for me, if I didn't get in free I would not go £25 entrance fee + £3 -£5 for small, often not very good, plates of food = a very expensive few hours. The bomb scare that got me to leave during the interval was probably the work of a disgruntled, broke and still hungry punter. S p.s. 'anybody else's view' actually, while I am in fussy mode
  10. I'm surprised you wanted to go there in the first place! S
  11. It is in CatererSearch. ← Well,Well,Well, Shock, Horror, Would like to have been a fly on the wall, with this story emerging, can't wait for a bit more news ← I'd have resigned too. It was insulting to him. I do hope we see an end to heston mania soon. All this nastiness is putting me off my food. S S
  12. Is he now? I only know of Chris Staines, having not myself eaten in the MO's other, no doubt wonderful, dining options. I don't think anyone has their knickers anywhere but around their waist - this is merely idle chatter - but it seems logical to assume that HB would not want to be on a double bill. That you have not read of anything to suggest that Foliage is shutting down is not actually proof that it isn't, by the way. Historically that sort of sensitive information is not normally broadcast until the deed is done S
  13. What a tragedy, one of the best restaurants in London now going to be ruined. All HB will do is put his name to it then bomb off around the world and leave someone else to create his gimmicks. I bet Chris Tombling and his team are gutted! ← He might well be gutted but who is Chris Tombling? S
  14. Apparently staines was quite surprised when the news broke. I agree though that it would be a great shame if heston's restaurant were to be opened at the expense of Foliage. ← I would think 'surprised' is a bit of an understatement. He's been loyal to Foliage and given it many years of his career when I'm sure he's had other offers. S
  15. No one's mentioning chris staines which seems a bit cold, he's a good chef S
  16. Today, I got another press release. A juicier one at that. It says "The votes have been counted, the flights have been booked and the chefs are heading to London to hear the results. That's actually exactly what the press release said last year too. It's groundhog day basically; bulli and duck, who will win? It's not terribly exciting and the question should really be isn't it time to give both some kind of 'well done' award and ask them to stand aside? Their place in culinary history assured, titans of innovative cuisine etc. etc. The last three years the ceremony has been without drama a twp horse race. Something needs to be done to spice it up. And I personally hope they give Adria a translator who actually speaks English as a first language this year, last year his acceptance speech was largely unintelligible as well as seemingly interminable S
  17. I always say let's do something about battery chickens and the massive corporations who benefit from this everyday cruelty before we start having a go at the foie gras makers. Could it be that because foie gras is expensive and therefore eaten by 'rich people' it is seen as a more valid target? S
  18. I find it hard to take him seriously personally, irritating posh kid in love with himself. S
  19. I can't believe the Guardian would employ anyone called Valentine. You sure this wasn't an April fool taking the mickey out of Jasper Gerard? S
  20. I was at Lords a few weeks back, it's a nice place even if it is a bit pricey. Lovely village too. Stupid name for a hotel though. Sounds like a heavy metal band. s
  21. sea urchins are tricky, ive eaten them off the rocks ( the french carry little spoons when at the seaside) but they are definitely an acquired taste. Not one I will try too hard with. S
  22. How can a michellin rated restaurant allow themselves to get like that? I notice the reviews about this restaurant are really mixed with some people thinking it's awful and some loving it. recently reviews at top table have been favourable. How often are starred places revisted by inspectors, is this yearly or less frequent? ← Don't get me wrong, it's not your local curry house! But carpets are scuffed particularly on the stairs and it's run down in general. As to 'allow' well I suppose profit is a driving factor. Top Table's reviews are always favourable about everyone btw, Of course I'm not saying they filter the customer reviews to avoid upsetting clients .They would never do that. Absolutely not. No way. S
  23. The food isn't bad, Benares is better. The main issue for me is the place is tatty and tired looking for the money. I was there last week with clients and it did not impress them and I was disappointed to see how it had got grubbier since my last visit. I think Alfred should bail out and take his talent elsewhere. S
  24. press invites for nibbles are out, didn't you get one? You don't have to nonce around standing on tiptoe peering in at the windows surely? S ← Standing? Not exactly. I'm the sweaty fatknacker that runs past twice a day... once out... once back. I don't pay too much mind to it on the way back, I can't see through the tears and I'm preoccupied by wheezing up my ring, but, occasionally, on the way out, I take note of the great man's doings. ← It was a fun night last night, I didnt see you wheezing past though dont exercise, it will kill you or leave you looking like nigel lawson. S
  25. press invites for nibbles are out, didn't you get one? You don't have to nonce around standing on tiptoe peering in at the windows surely? S
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