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  1. Black cod is in fact a member of the grouper family, I suppose that doesn't sound as sexy as Black Cod. I hope it is more sustainable than ordinary cod though! I like the Black Cod served at L'Etranger, apparently it is cooked under the pass lights or so the chef told me when I interviewed him a while back S
  2. Zetter no longer has the same chef, Diego from Rockwell is now in charge and if he cooks here anything like as well as he did there, expect the best. He is Argentinian and does rather good takes on tapas that veer into pan Asian. Zetter is, in fact the old 'pools' building (Zetter pools) and is a good place for a drink in an area that is fast becoming a lot more interesting than tired old Soho and central London. S
  3. Oliver seems to have some influential friends to get both the BBC and Sauce, the posh communications PR, working for him. Is it all an upper middle class conspiracy? He does look a bit like James Blunt after all S
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