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  1. I would not suggest sushihiroba. It is not a bad sushi place, they have a variety of dishes. But if you are looking for authentic, fresh, tasty sushi, it is not a place to go. I will explain to you why. I went there and they have the conveyor belt with typical salmon sushi and some other dishes. Dishes on the conveyor belt was nice. So we have decided to order the fatty tuna sushi. It arrived looking grey and not nicely sliced. It was also frozen inside. I would suggest going to Sushihiro in Ealing Common. Best sushi I have had in London. It is a cosy, family style sushi bar. The fish is very fresh every single time. It is always packed with Japanese people. So make sure you book in advance. And becareful that their last order is 9pm and they only accept cash.
  2. Pearl Liang is the new blood of chinese restaurant, and if I have to choose between Phoenix Palace and Pearl Liang, I would choose Pearl Liang. If you are choosing basing on authenticity, I am afraid you cannot judge by trolleys, as most of the chinese restuarant nowadays, even in Hong Kong don't do trolleys anymore. Decor-wise, Phoenix Palace definitely has the chinese touch, food-wise, I would go for Pearl Liang (its decor is very modern).
  3. You can try the stores in borough market, they are pretty good!
  4. Sushihiro at Ealing Common by far is the best I have tried for its quality and price. Staff is friendly. Bear in mind that this is a sushi bar (i.e. other food like noddles are are not available), if you are into sashimi, this is definitely the place!
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