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My mother is Viennese, my father was Canadian, and I was born in Afghanistan. We traveled extensively when I was growing up and I was exposed to - and enjoyed - the foods of many cultures. To this date, my favorite flavor is one I've never had before.Merely eating wasn't enough for me though, I needed to create the food as well, and started cooking when I was 12. I also started collecting tableware in anticipation of the day when I would be living on my own.Now, almost 40 years later, food and everything associated with it is still a passion! I have recently tried to instill some balance in my life which for many years revolved around my next dinner party. My family moved to the US when I was 16 and I have lived here since then. I am married to a man of German and Irish descent who shares my obsession with food and entertaining. We actively seek out new and unusual foods and then introduce them on our friends via 'theme' parties. Our last one featured Australian Bush Foods!Needless to say, eGullett has been a godsend for me. I wish I had discovered you sooner!

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