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  1. Love all the suggestions, if only Bourdain was here at the farm........ I actually will post a image as soon as I 'snare the hare' with my son's (who is a vegan I might add, which to me makes this even funnier) Canon camera. This process might help others take the bull by it's horns.
  2. thanks for the quick replies, my husband will send thank you notes to all! I have read so many eGullet threads on this in particular, I can only see the head in Lucy's blog regarding cutting her rabbit. Lucy's blogs are wonderful, wish she was here. Will try hack in sack tomorrow afternoon............ it's only a chicken, only a duck...........
  3. I will probably get "kicked" off eGullet, but I have a rabbit in a pot, and I am scared to hack him/her. Yea, I know, I know by my signature you would expect a farm girl to cook and hack up any creature that graced my farm. But, I have a sensitive side, and now I am finding it difficult, if not gaggie to hack the bunny. I am doing this for my husband, who found this little bunny treat at our Wegman's in Hunt Valley, MD. The bunny as it turns out is whole, (thankfully no head - was prepackaged by Dartagnan) but the little front legs are kinda floppin' around. I threw it in a pot of marinade, and thought if I voiced my professed gaggie behavior, (which I NOT proud of) that someone could give me the first step to either blind fold myself, or take a couple of drinks to make the first move on cutting. I have cooked for close to 40 years and can cook the damn thing if I could just take the first step... Has anyone else been in this situation of having a product to cook, and not quite being able to take the first step? Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. ETA: one should be blindfolded to check spelling for "blind fold"
  4. Oh my goodness, this is embarrassing, but here goes Steak tartare (trying to impress all foodies) but, really just raw ground beef, raw onions, s&p. (I know, I know, how gross is that? ~ 'cept we have a black angus farm) and....... Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Diiner, (whole box for breakfast) Good lawdie.......
  5. Hey my second post, and I can maybe help too! I grow habenaros on the farm during the summer, and certainly have more then I handle at times....( I can eat them a bit, but they can blow the cheeks right off you if you don't watch it!) I have two jars of brined/vinegar hab's right now sitting there since summer. I use them in all kinds of recipes, that is when my family isn't looking....... I actually can send pictures tomorrow since I am almost up to 3 (count them) posts! 1 cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon kosher or sea salt fresh minced garlic if you prefer cayenne pepper just for taste In a sterilized 1-pint Mason-type jar, pack your chiles. In a small bowl, stir together vinegar and salt and warm on stovetop until dissolved and pour over chiles. Seal jar with lid. Let pepper vinegar stand at cool room temperature at least 1 day and put in fridge up to 12 months.
  6. My first post on eGullet.....I have devoured pages and pages of text, and can't believe I can finally add to a topic! I simmered my corned beef brisket for quite a few hours, (5 perhaps) and changed the water twice after skimming the top "scum" off. I used peppercorn's, pickling spices, fresh garlic, cloves, bay leaf, and a small onion. After the beef brisket was tender, I strained the brisket "juice?!" till clear in a coffee filter, cooked the potatoes, and added cabbage the last 5/6 mins in the now clear brisket broth. After letting the brisket "rest" for about 5/10 minutes, sliced thin, added potatoes, and the tender, sweet cabbage. No recipe, just watched and learned from my mother for years and years. Would like to try the pressure cooker though, sounds like a great idea! Happy corned beef everyone!
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