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  1. I go to both Lavagna and La Sirene, but even though it's sort of an apples to oranges comparison, I think the food is better at La Sirene. Lavagna is trying for an Italian/pan-Mediterranean menu, while La Sirene is French. Just be aware that La Sirene is very small and in addition to BYOB, it's cash only. If the cassoulet is on the menu make sure to give it a try. It's one of the best I've had in the city.
  2. adrman


    I've been going there since it first opened. Some of the menu remains unchanged. Lately I find myself ordering from the daily specials, which are now presented verbally instead of a printed insert to the menu.
  3. I clicked on that one as well, but got a "could not process request" screen.
  4. reminds me of dialing for a tee time on Bethpage Black.
  5. adrman


    The last time I was at Hearth (about a month ago) I wanted to ask Paul something and was told both he and Marco were full time at Insieme.
  6. I had the sweet corn coppetta last night and it was fantastic.
  7. There was one stand with rhubarb last Wednesday.
  8. Wild Edibles in the GC Market has them........ @$9.99 each!
  9. Florence Meat Market and Ottomanelli's are both excellent.
  10. Keep an eye out for Violet Hill's fresh pork and lamb (sometimes even rabbit). They don't always have it, but it's worth checking. I really felt bad about a month ago as I purchased a fresh pork shoulder roast, then ended up having to chuck it in the freezer because of an out of town trip. It still tasted pretty good last week though.
  11. I've got to give those a try on my next visit. We went yesterday after golf and I tried the smoked sausage sandwich. It was good, but I think the other offerings are much better. I saw a couple sitting at the bar enjoying the bbq sampler for two and taking quite a few pics of the plate. Figuring they must be egulleters, I went over and introduced myself. Nope, they had no idea what I was talking about.
  12. The only thing like that I've seen at USQ is Flying Pig's liver sausage, but that's pork. It is excellent though.
  13. adrman


    We actually made it in for the first time last evening. My wife and I completely enjoyed our meal, but the two desserts (sticky coconut cake and chocolate fondant) were standouts. We mentioned to the waitress, Miki I believe was her name, that we had heard about the restaurant because of the pastry chef posting on egullet. I'm glad we had the opportunity to taste your work. Best wishes on your future endeavors.
  14. adrman


    That's exactly where it's from. I love the stuff, just wish it would stay fresh longer when I buy it for home. Maybe Jeffo just caught a bad night. Babbo has been good on my recent visits, but I've experienced an off night or three over the years. I've always sent the dish in question back w/o problem.
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