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  1. Hello folks, this might only be my third or fourth post after having lurked on this board for the better part of 4 or 5 years (thank you all for your pictures, rants, raves...I've learned a lot).

    I am proud to say that upon arriving at M last evening for a date with the future in-laws, and chatting with the loquacious and talented bartender, I learned that Philly and the internets are really a small world. When I mentioned the egullet thread to the bartender (is there not a better word for her?), as if I was telling her something new, she simply said her name was Katie and being the egullet stalker that I am, I gasped, "YOU'RE KATIE LOEB???" Enough gushing. on to the goods.

    First the Red ____ viognier was delightful and simple, just my style. Once we got to talking, Katie proffered a superb concoction, a rum and Falerno (sp?) and mint mix (the name of which escapes me). Give me the courtyard and 75 degrees and sun, and I am there at happy hour just for that drink. Or else for the "Taylor Made" which is a Bourbon based drink, mixed with brown simple syrup, grapefruit and something else...and falerno. I think I'll have one - or two - of each next time. (special note: falerno's scent in the bottle , but its taste more so when mixed, lends a gingery aroma ,hinted with other spices, that reminded me of the scent of some asian markets...weird, yes, but I really mean it - and in a good way).

    The service was excellent.

    The lobster amuse bouche was delightful with a hint of ...mango I believe and vanilla too.

    My scallop starter was tender, perfectly cooked and pretty (with red watercress?)

    The pork belly starter across the table, on mashed rutabaga, was a new first for me (why oh why , pork belly, have I missed you?!?!?!?) and the two that ordered it were in heaven.

    I had the poussin with roasted sweet garlic bread pudding, and brussel sprouts with pancetta. I have to admit I have never ...ever...(at least not in the past 12 yrs) ordererd any sort of fowl at a restaurant, preferring the fish or meat entrees, and I did it on a lark (mmmm lark....fowl...maybe I AM converted). the poussin was delicately seasoned /brined and so very tasty. Major major love for the bread pudding.

    I had a pinot grigio - not sure of the name - at the start of dinner and found it sort of dull or tart - please note that I am hardly the one you go to for wine recs. My palate is untrained and simplistic...and likes the sweeter side. So i had one more glass of the viognier and was pleased.

    All in all, I found M to be the best in my book, with great thanks to the server, Manager, and our friendly neighborhood Ms Katie.

    merci beaucoup!

  2. A million kudos and thanks to the RAW family. We showed up on Saturday night and, full disclosure, were a teeny bit tipsy but overwhelmingly giddy as my man had just proposed to me. So, 4 of us were there to celebrate and the front of the house fellow was charming as ever could be laughing and smiling with us as soon as we entered. And our 20 min wait at the bar was super - I had a pomegrante something something which was lovely. I have no idea what the other 3 had.

    the meal. was. excellent. I know that we had the wasabi losbter roll (excellent). We had athe spicy scallop rolls - superb. the gyoza are heavenly. The special roll with spicy tuna and ...something..and spicy tuna on top with tempura crunchies was magnificent. We had some more but honestly, I was in a fog in and out of the dinner and just cannot remember what we had.

    And then, the piece de resistance....I babbled incessently to the waitress about egullet and having been reading forever about Greg from others - and rightly from his own postings - and so she sent him out. Greg - thank you. thank you for coming out to meet our silly group, thanks for the your hospitality and thanks for the kobe beef carpaccio which we haven't stopped raving about yet. and won't, for certain.

    I cannot wait to come back - again and again - hopefully a little more clear minded.

  3. I first learned about the cameron's smoker at a lecture cooking course at Viking kitchen - they smoked up some portobellos and tomatoes for a sandwich with pesto mayo. darned fine inspiration (though, a little swine woulda been enticing as well). And so, I had to have it.

    I've used mine in one yr about 10 - 12 times - principally for ribs (baby back and spare, rubbed 24 hrs in advance, smoked and then finished with sauce in the oven or on the grill). have tried fingerling potatoes (to mimic a mashed smoked potato that I had at marigold in phila) and it was taking too long, i was too hungry, took them out still too firm, and roasted them in the oven with a little oil and S&P - the hint of smoke was present and delightful!. I've experimented with chicken parts too and used for salad, not a main course. I recently bought a book from Amazon called Smokin'- exclusively for the stovetop smoker and have yet to try it.

    I am a big fan of this gadget and while bitterness is a potential side effect, i am still willing to toil away with it. I want to know more about the different woods and their affect/match with different foods.

  4. Interesting comment on Lazaro's as elsewhere on the internets I read that it was of the Lorenzo's "genre". Now, that doesn't make me hurry hurry hurry to get a slice, but, in the scheme of things, floppy large-sliced pizza with slightly sweet sauce does have its place.

    Dolce carini?? have never heard of it. BUt i like what you say of it. The competition will probably be on a saturday afternoon/early evening so their timing ought to work.

  5. Hi all. I have been lurking here for over a year now and am stepping up to my first post, seeking your wisdom.

    With deference and the utmost respect your guys and your pizza knowledge, I wonder if you could help me build my at-home challenge: we're moving to the graduate hospital area in a month. Soon thereafter we will host a few friends for our own pizza competition. We will order two pies from each place that makes the list: one cheese pie (the control), and another with half sausage (have to know if its links or crumbles, sometimes affectionately called "turds"), half mushrooms (are they canned or fresh and not everyone likes them so they are relegated to only a half), and onions all around (because we want to). Oh yes, and they have to deliver!

    Making the competitor list thus far are: (the new) Gianfranco on Broad, Gusto, Lazaro's, and Mama Palma's.

    And here is where you come in - am I missing any? Does NYPD deliver and would they to the Grad Hosp hood?

    Note: we don't care for "greek" pizza

    Many many many thanks in advance for your sage advice.

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