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  1. HI how are you.. just say hi
  2. HI to all,, sometimes i check out this forum and find something new from others people around the worlds, altough sometime becoming an argue but i still find it interesting, with some chef or food lover experiences (thanks). so i just say dont extend this forum becoming nation food war (is it?), maybe i wrote it wrong "Japanese VS french pastry". maybe i shouldnt use the "VS" word in the first place, but i have no intent to comapare it in which is the best but "what makes it different". i dont care which one is better but what makes it, that's what i want to know so peace, keep sharing and lets eat cakes..sweeettttttt
  3. is this kayser same as maison kayser in japan ?http://www.bento.com/rev/2262.html
  4. thank you for your info..who do you know so much about these..its so hmm c'est magnifique (i hope i type it right ) thanks
  5. Thank you ptipois for your respons, i have no doubt in your past explanation, but in this post you give a detail reasons, thank you so much. (btw Kayser is germany pâtisserie, right ?)
  6. sorry I hope you understand about my language problem T_T i've told before in this forums that my english is not very good, what i want to ask, is it true that so many pastry shops are closed, as in gone out of business, and why, what is the problems ? (as i read in one of the post in this forum) . Thank you, ,
  7. Aa Tora Hime.. O Genki desuka,, I'm Glad to have you here, i've check out the site, Thank's..
  8. my pleasure ludja, yes you'll have many info there (thread on wagashi). By the way does anyone / someone could tell me which country is having the most highest living cost between japan and France or maybe between paris and tokyo ?? any one please ??
  9. Hi chefzadi i didn't know about that restriction , thank you for your offer if i need some article or have a question, i'll cocntact you. you've been to japan, did go around to have a food adventure.
  10. thank's chefzadi for your suggest, why wouldn't i think of it in the first palce ? because i want to hear it from the inner circlce such as a student or theacher (am i use the right word ?)not from web, but i've contact them already, thank you chefzadi. i still think this forum is talking about what makes it different, because when i read suzy post, i realize that flour, geographic and culture is include, in any kind of style for baking or cooking. and more and more post makes me widen my view which is i still lack of info in this baking and pastry world. if this become story of somebody experience of eating i guess they just share story about eating experience to a friends. sharing is a good and criticize also better, so this forum for me is a good things, isn't it ??
  11. i love to watch Antique, you know the one with the girl who played in tom cruise last samurai. much much yummy things in the scene and funny too. (are we becoming Jdoramas forum )
  12. we talking about the different between France and Japan pastry, sometimes i wonder if le cordon bleu japan have different tehcnique comparing with le cordon bleu in france or they have another methode in scaling,technique. ingredients ? , because this school is from france but i think they (maybe) adapt their recipes with local is it ? or they stick with the origin (the basic laws of making boulangerie in france). i think the discussion here is not like comparing apples to oranges, i dont know from others view, but as i concern we just talk the caused of the different from the start, and if its become subjective i think a little argue is fine i think it just like spice in cooking , as long its not becoming toooo subjective. dear ptipois, so you've been thinking about this too, avec plaisir i'm glad. to reading this forums.Arigatou gozaimasu. Thank's to all too.
  13. ptipois ca va ?, hey i just want to say thank's (for what ,you may ask??) because your post really 2x "open up" my eyes about french pastry, i know maybe it's just a post for other, but it mean so much to me. merci beaucoups
  14. Yes..Doumo arigatou Minna san...> thanks to all of you who replying this forum. To Ptipois yup you know what i meant its anbout texture and balanced maybe because when japanese making wagashi/the traditional cakes they must make it according to the changing of the seasons so they have balanced, no offence i think france people doesnt reakky concern about this (sorry if i am wrong), i think japanese people is having a similiar technique as what nicklam told about mr.geert story about picking a new picture from everythings to give a new ideas, so japanese goes to france to widen the view and technique.to bleudauvergneg to see wagashi try this site its just one of the best wagashi store (i guess?)http://www.toraya-group.co.jp/english/wagashi/art.html. and to pirate i think you often travel back and forth from paris to japan and i think you agree about liking japanase pastry more than french. to suzy mahalo to replying. i agree with david lebovitz that japanese looking for names and brands, i dont if this can become a source but i've watch japanese movies about praising a tea branded Benoit, i dont i could wrong but maybe its true..the names and brands things. to pan i think ptipois is not talking about which one is better, from the begining i choose "what is the differents" not which one is best, so i hope everyones who replying this forum free to choose what they like not which one is better. by the i love american food too, they fast and some is deadly its a joke,no i love american food i can find it in every corner. I love to read history i dont know if this is related, but sometimes i found that something/someone sometimes well known not from its origin like sidharta gautama (i hope i'm not offend somebody or religion) he's from india but budhist larger community is not in india, and more similiar story, could be french pastry becoming like that ?? who knows
  15. I think having so many of a good chef doesn't mean that you become a superpower. I think france,USA,Japan and Hongkong (maybe thailand and vietnam) still on the list as a superpower in the world of culinary, is it ?>
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