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  1. I've acquired this ?cane syrup? http://www.ciao.co.uk/Lyle_s_Golden_Syrup_..._Review_5361082 not sure how it compares to Mr. Hamilton's syrop de canne. Is this a good sub, or is the best bet reducing sugar in the raw? Also, the only rhum agricole availiable here is St. James (Massachusetts), and an aged version of that. The drink has way too much caramel flavor, and none of that cachaca/aloe viscocity I remember. Of course I was drunk, so who knows. Any tips?
  2. did that work? Thanks for the help eje let me know if the file is too large. sean by the way, I loved the flatiron. excellent vibe and perfect cocktails. that bar was the highlight of my NY trip. edit for gratuitous praise and major ass kissing.
  3. Flatiron has a cocktail flight served on a wooden board. Alas, the bartenders said they were custom made. I have a picture if I can ever figure out how to post them. They held three glasses perfectly: mini martini or rocks in any combo.
  4. la muse verte is funky. Much different than pernod, et al. Never had "real" absinthe, so who knows... what about Neveau Orleans? Reverse engineered using pre-ban absinthe and "original" equipment.
  5. At least there are no myths about what flutes are modeled on...
  6. I've always heard that the glasses were molded after Helen of Troy's breast. The most beautiful woman serving as the mold for the most beautiful of beverages, champagne. I do like the Marie Antoinette however.
  7. fair enough. warning taken. thanks for the R&D. Sean
  8. I tried the flaming orange gully with both fees and velvet falernum. regrettably, I didn't do them side by side, but I didn't notice a large difference. that drink reminds me of the east india cocktail, the way all those spice flavors float around. quite tasty. I'll definitely make more of those. Sean
  9. just had myself a laugh. went into the best liquor store around and asked for Pisco, rhum agricole, cane syrup, and luxardo marachino. This was the reply--> oh well. I did see aperol, however.
  10. When I go to the islands I will make a point to collect many fine swizzle stick specimens and ease the shortage. So what do people use instead? Bar spoon?
  11. I can guess that New York is pretty much the capital of "cocktalian" or "bar chefs" on the East Coast. But is it cathing on in other cities? It seems in Philly there are enough people who appreciate the artisanship and less utilized ingredients, but what about elsewhere? Reading Egullet I get the impression that these trends are more widespread than actual experience would suggest. I know in Boston (mostly Cambridge, to my knowledge) there are bars that are adopting many of these drinks and ingredients: No. 9 Park, Chez Henri, B-Side Lounge, Green Street, and Rendevous among them. so far
  12. Went to pegu on my recent first time NY trip. everything was excellent. Bought myself some of Regan's bitters (can't get them in my area.) Had some excellent cocktails. I really liked the atmosphere. It was very warm and welcoming. The staff were all excellent, informative, and professional. I've never seen a bartender shake two drinks that fast before. My pineapple pisco sour had a perfect head on it, like meringue. Who wants to open a club near Boston for me? Sean
  13. thanks for moving this to the right place. didn't see the original thread. can't wait to try this stuff tonight. The fees has been working fine. just a quater to half ounce goes a long way. Those little bottles last quite some time.
  14. Admin: threads merged. I have Fee bros. falernum at the bar. Some customer recently told me that that was a "fake" falernum, due to the lack of alchohol. In NY I picked up a bottle of velvet falernum, which is about 11%. Is it purley a preservative, or it is supposed to be a liquor? I don't know enough about them, and I haven't tasted my velvet yet. edit to add:I have john taylors. Is Velvet a style or a brand? I noticed Dale Degroff also has a velvet falernum...
  15. I saw aperol at the Astor Wine and Spirits shop. 399 Lafayett at 4th st. (212) 674-7500. They also had velvet falernum. I think the aperol was about $22, but I'm not sure. edit to add: astorwines.com
  16. I had a mojito at cuba cafe and they used calypso rum. Tasted like a light version of cachaca or rum agricole (in my very, very limited experience). Was this a result of the rum itself or a sugar or cane syrup added?
  17. shouldn't be a problem. I'll start saving now. Why so hard to find? Are they island bartenders family heirlooms?
  18. Just got back from New York last night. Amazingly big place, and I had a great time. We stayed in the Hotel Pennsylvania. Nose bleed rooms but a great view of the Empire State out the window. We managed to hit Flatiron, Pegu, and East Side Co. Bar. Never made it to Milk and Honey. We got there about 7 and didn't realize they opened at 9. Whoops. We also hit a bunch of bars: Mustang harry (and Sally) Triple crown Cuba Cafe Pinnacle bar Blue fin Jack Dempsey Flute Grammercy Tavern Maggie Mees Gotham bar Stout St. Marks Place Croxleys we had a nice lunch at Gotham Bar and Grille on Tuesd
  19. I stayed away from coffee while in New York and that seemed to help. Still had some issues, but barely. I also have a tendency to drink alot of coffee, so maybe that is the issue, coupled with a little dehydration.
  20. I enjoy the Algonquin with Vya dry vermouth and Old Overholt. Gives it a fuller flavor, IMHO.
  21. wow, cool site. Thanks. More to add to the list. I'll let you all know what happens. edit to acknowledge the cash only concept. Am prepared. Thanks again.
  22. Well, I leave tomorrow for my little trip to NY. Planning on hitting (space and time allowing, of course) Little Branch, Pegu, Flatiron, Flute, and hopefully Milk and Honey. The only dinner we have planned so far is at Veritas. I'm sure I will see more, and I know there is one or two that I can't remember right now. I'll be the guy asking all sorts of questions with that "I've never been to New York" face on.
  23. I just realized I didn't translate them into english. I did a google search and got most of them from the first two pages, some had translation options.
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