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  1. I just experience an entire bad case of d'Arenburg Stump Jump. Sucked having to try them all over 10 hours. Must have been bad storage for that box, the 2 cases before were delicious.
  2. Navan is truly tasty vanilla. I can only get a little into it, however, before the sweetness gets to me. I like the bite of grand ma better. Haven't tried mixing it.
  3. chess pieces, best thing I can come up with to use the bags for.
  4. Ok, so I have a bottle by Marie Brizzard. I think it is delicious, albeit sweet. Shame about making every cocktail I've tried it in look like dirty bath water. I desperatley want to use this stuff. I did manage to make a "parfait margarita," but too much/little screws it all up. Too strong. Any suggestions for this rather unique liquer? Sean
  5. Hello to all. This is my first post on the EG forum. I found this place doing a random search for cocktails one day on google a month ago and have been devouring the pages. I am a the barmanager of a very small restaurant in north eastern Massachusetts. I have, over the last year, discovered the amazing world of vintage cocktails and a world of new tasty ingredients I never knew existed. My eyes have been opened to the joys of marie brizzard, marachino liquor, orange bitters, and my personal favorite, the corpse reviver #2. I have picked up copies of The Gentleman's Companion, The Craf
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