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  1. I just experience an entire bad case of d'Arenburg Stump Jump. Sucked having to try them all over 10 hours. Must have been bad storage for that box, the 2 cases before were delicious.
  2. Navan is truly tasty vanilla. I can only get a little into it, however, before the sweetness gets to me. I like the bite of grand ma better. Haven't tried mixing it.
  3. chess pieces, best thing I can come up with to use the bags for.
  4. Ok, so I have a bottle by Marie Brizzard. I think it is delicious, albeit sweet. Shame about making every cocktail I've tried it in look like dirty bath water. I desperatley want to use this stuff. I did manage to make a "parfait margarita," but too much/little screws it all up. Too strong. Any suggestions for this rather unique liquer? Sean
  5. Hello to all. This is my first post on the EG forum. I found this place doing a random search for cocktails one day on google a month ago and have been devouring the pages. I am a the barmanager of a very small restaurant in north eastern Massachusetts. I have, over the last year, discovered the amazing world of vintage cocktails and a world of new tasty ingredients I never knew existed. My eyes have been opened to the joys of marie brizzard, marachino liquor, orange bitters, and my personal favorite, the corpse reviver #2. I have picked up copies of The Gentleman's Companion, The Craft of the Cocktail, The Joy of Mixology, et. al. I can't get enough. The topics and discussions here are a blessing, as I seem to be the only person outside of Boston, that I've met, who has heard of these things. Guess we're a little bit behind. Damn puritains.. This brings me to my problem. I am dying to do something interesting with my cocktail menu. It is expected to have a "martini" list in this area (Beverly, Essex County) but almost all of the lists within 20 miles focus on, in my opinion, excessively sweet, fruity, juicy drinks. I getting a little tired of the 150 versions of the cosmo I can get within a 10 minute drive. I just want to do something different, maybe bring back a few classics like The Aviation, French 75, etc.. My difficulty lies in the ingredients. As soon as a cocktail includes gin, whiskey, or vermouth people shut down. I've had some success with The Algonquin, but it has taken me 6 months and I basically have to hide from people about what is in it until they try it. So I guess my question is how to approach a fairly virgin audience without scaring people? How do you all approach it? I've noticed that many of you are from New York, Philly, and other cosmopolitain (there's that word again... ), where, I assume, the crowd knows a little more. Even when I worked in Boston, people didn't seem to be put off by these, but out here in the burbs, well, it's slow going. I've basically talked up the Algonquin, and now I have poeple who come in for it. Have I bitten off more than I can chew, or is it just a slow, painful process? Any suggestions for, shall we say, "training wheel" drinks? Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. I love the articles here. I have much to learn. Sean
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