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  1. Oh, my! Hooked from photograph number one.
  2. Thanks for the compliment! I am flattered. Who knows, maybe when I recover from this dinner we can have a Brooklynite dinner. (Doc, we will have to bring you back down one day!) Doing a Brooklynite gathering some time would be fun - and it wouldn't be complete without Doc. Thanks again for a truly fascinating week.
  3. I am in awe. I'd faint with pleasure if someone cooked me an amazing meal like that, too! You're not just doing Brooklyn proud, you're doing our neighborhood proud, too. So nice to see Park Slope represented so well. Er, what's SK?
  4. Good luck with tonight - should be one stellar occasion!
  5. H. du Bois


    Well, clearly you haven't met enough Rochester foodies yet - we're all nice. Heck, even the tranny hookers in Nick Tahou's parking lot are nice, as long as you don't piss 'em off.
  6. John, I was wondering if you'd give us a little history on how it was that you got so interested in both food and drink. Were you a child prodigy in the kitchen, or did you come to it later? Who were your influences? What was it that made you what you are where cuisine and cocktails are concerned?
  7. You're not alone! I'd never been there before, but I'm definitely going now. (Thanks, John).
  8. H. du Bois


    I've always joked that the garbage plate was designed to be eaten by someone with a blood alcohol level of .10 or above, but on this particular occasion, I discovered that the food sparked the alcohol consumption, not the other way around. It would seem that drunkenness remains a vital component of the garbage plate phenomenon. Yep, there was a garbage plate, in all its deconstructed glory. A good one looks like slung hash sounds, and this one measured up visually. Now, I never ate at the shrine to the garbage plate, the infamous Nick Tahou's, but I shall try my best to compare this exper
  9. Oh. My. God. Thanks for taking one for the team, John.
  10. I've never had a PBR in my life - but I think I need to rectify that, or move. Are they still selling those chickens in the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket? If so, I know where I'll be going this weekend. You have to get a double chocolate eclair at Torres, and document the experience. You simply cannot taunt us by mentioning them and not eat one.
  11. Well whatever Therese decides to do with her business clients, when I'm next up there, it's Sienna Grill and Max of Eastman Place for me. Now see, that's one of the biggest problems right there - one that I was trying to bend my brain around. An awful lot of high end entertainment happens in the country clubs. Want to impress your business associate who is visiting Rochester? Take 'em out to the country club and feed them a nice piece of beef tenderloin. Those rooms are really pretty, and there's nothing quite comparable in the restaurants. I'm so glad that you guys are pushing the e
  12. ??? I hope you weren't asking this of me, because I wasn't meaning to imply that Rochester hasn't got any top notch restaurants (all teasing aside about the prime ribs). I've just been trying to think of restaurants up there that would fit Therese's criteria of: a) nosebleedingly impressive; and b) so expensive it hurts. And there's the rub. Food that's very, very good? Not a problem. Atmosphere that's very, very good? Not a problem. But a restaurant so expensive and impressive that it would register on the Richter scale? Problem. Down here, there are restaurants that fit that bil
  13. Hey - we're neighbors! I'm 5th Avenue between Garfield and First, which puts me right smack in the middle of what Doc calls restaurantville. It's funny seeing all the changes in the 20+ years that I've been here. I've seen some of what Doc has, in the sense of the neighborhood being an old Italian neighborhood before it went downhill. The place that is now Tempo was a really cool old Italian bakery with a wood fired oven that looked like it had been there since the Victorian era. And if the fish store I knew is the same one Doc's talking about (5th Avenue further down toward Flatbush, e
  14. When a fellow eGulleteer (Kouign Aman) points out to you that your entry in Kerry Beal's foodblog ... ... more appropriately belongs in this thread! I never did make it up to the park. I blame Kerry.
  15. Nick Tahou's? Well, I'm sure if Therese took her clients to the home of the garbage plate (much beloved by Rochester's tranny hooker populace) she'd impress them. Just maybe not in the way she'd intended to. Still awaiting word on the Rio Bamba of lore. 2 Vine's website couldn't possibly be crappier - aren't you supposed to include photographs of "after" when you've transformed an old auto transmission shop into a restaurant? There is a nice room in there, really. But it's strictly a new-American-food-with-a-touch-of-French-influence type of place. Very likeable, but not awe inspiring.
  16. Therese, I'll answer in this thread rather than the other one. Have checked with one Rochester foodie who has weighed in with her suggestions, and she has a call out to a foodie friend who has her finger on the pulse of the restaurant scene, who'd probably be the best resource for you. Resource #1 has suggested 2 Vine (as mentioned above), Max of Eastman Place (also mentioned above), and The Erie Grill (in Pittsford, affiliated with the DelMonte Lodge). She's going to ask her friend about the Rio Bamba*, and I'll let you know if Resource #2 has information on that, as well as other suggest
  17. Retro desserts work for me. (I'm thinking of doing that lemon pudding soon. Real soon).
  18. Doc, you're living my dream vacation. Thank you so much for the photos and reportage - I feel like I'm there (and as there's where I'd like to be, there's a very nice place indeed).
  19. I'll let current Rochesterians weigh in with their opinions, but when I was up there last year, there was only once place I went to that actually impressed me as a very good place to eat out. It was Restaurant 2 Vine, on Winthrop Street near the Little Theater (tucked in between Main Street and East Avenue). I went there for a snack before a film, and had country pate on crusty bread with a glass of red wine. Really good, and I was impressed with both the full menu and the wine list. Unfortunately, I didn't get back there to have a full meal. Prices were high for Rochester, I think, but
  20. My sister's sister-in-law tried smuggling 6 jars of beluga caviar out of the old Soviet Union. The customs official (Russian) who rifled her bag said, "three for you, three for me," and openly kept half the loot. She then proceeded to France, where she loaded up her bag with stinky cheeses, a beautiful lump of foie gras, the beluga, some sausages made of god knows what, and then came to visit us. Got through US customs just fine. We were kind of torn by regret, thinking that there could have been more of that heavenly caviar, and gratitude that he'd left some for us. As she said, "if I kn
  21. Well, I'll be damned. Clearly, I need geology lessons (never knew it was so big!). I don't know why I eat my own chocolate bunnies in that manner, but last year at Easter time, when I was staying with a friend in England, we had an ears vs. tails debate. It wasn't resolved by bedtime, and the next morning when we got up, we opened the back door to find a gift from one of the cats: two dead baby bunnies neatly laid out on the doorstep, minus their ears. Maybe it was unfair of me, but I took it as biological proof positive that one should eat one's Easter bunnies from the top down.
  22. Wow. I've only just come to this blog, and was just going to take a quick peek at it before I went up to the park for a walk. And here I sit, a couple of hours later, still in my running shoes (so much for good intentions!). Wonderful, fascinating peek into your world. All I love best about these foodblogs. Now, how does the Niagara escarpment go so far up? (My family lives fairly close to Niagara Falls, so I know that other end!). How is an island part of the escarpment? You live in Toronto the rest of the year? I loved your "The Old Broad and The Lake" title - laughed my ass off
  23. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eagerly awaiting the next installment!
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