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    Thanks for the feedback re food/dress. We have a late reservation tomorrow night and plan on an all out lunch at J-G for our anniversary the next day so I am a bit hesitate to do a late night tasting quickly followed with an indulgent lunch (I know JG will be great -- I plan to order EVERYTHING I like) but might change my mind depending on the tasting offerings at Degustation (I do love a tasting menu). How much food is one of the tasting menus? Super full or like a typical dinner at the end. Not enough food would be fine as well! I just do not want to wake up not wanting any more food on Tuesday - that would be a serious shame!
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    Informal. ← Jeans/t-shirt informal?
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    How would you describe the dress code at Degustation? Any recent must have dishes?
  4. I've been to Bread Bar and couple of time and I am a fan. I haven't done Tabla. I know it is more formal but how does it differ menuwise?
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I have been to the Momofukus a bunch of times (and Jean Georges is my favorite restaurant in NYC). Interesting feedback on Vong and Shang - sounds like they are misses which is too bad.
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    Rhong Tiam

    Mileage, ayy? Put it in neutral and have a look at the online menu. I'm sure much will come back to you. After a quick glance, (in addition to above) apps included thai nachos, curry puffs and duck buns. Mains; chu chee duck, rhong tiam duck, mix seafood red curry and mee goring noodles. There were at least 6 more dishes. If we lived closer it'd be our "once a weeker". ← Just curious - would it be a place you would recommend for someone coming from outside NYC. For example, Vong (or maybe Shang?) (never been to either) v. Rhong Tiam or is it more of a "fantastic b/c I live around the corner" kind of place?? When I was in Chicago folks recommended Fox and Obel. Cute but . . . it was one meal spent at an upscale Au Bon Pain (I mean no disrespect but it was not the kind of fun, casual food I was hoping for). I can imagine that if you worked a block away it would be fine but it is not something I would think you would suggest for someone traveling to eat. I wish I could do a better job describing the type of food I am looking for -- something really memorable -- it doesn't have to be high end (although I am fine with high end) but I do not want neighborhood casual - I love it b/c it is a good value - type of food. Making any sense?????
  7. FYI - Marea is now offering a $34 (two course) lunch. Additional courses are $17.
  8. Will you have a car? Where are you staying (area)? And are you driving up (presumably through Niagara)? ← We will be driving from upstate NY. I don't know where we will be staying yet (would welcome any suggestions for fun neighborhoods to stay in as well).
  9. Would love some recommendations for fantastic eating options in Toronto. Which restaurants are considered the best and are there ethic foods that Toronto is well know for? Many thanks!
  10. Hailing from northeastern CT - not exactly a long trip but I generally go for more memorable meals while in NYC. I can't believe I left wd-50 off my list. It is one of my favorites - esp. when they had the lunch tasting menu. So much fun. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I am filling in the meal slots (although not nearly enough places are open for lunch (or offer something at the dinner level for lunch). If you were looking for an exceptional thai experience (and it doesn't have to be 100 percent authentic), what would you recommend? Any sense what Sugiyama is like at lunch or whether Kyo Ya is open. Degustation is just dinner, correct? Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the recommendations! It is great to get recent feedback. I had not heard of kyo ya and it sounds amazing. Do they (or Degustation) have a website by chance? Both of these places plus GT and a return visit to Bar Room at the Modern are on the short list. Thanks again.
  12. I need a change of scene and some new recommendations for a couple of days in NYC. I feel like I've fallen into a rut and would love some suggestions for a couple of truly exceptional dining experiences. I welcome places that specialize in ethnic food as well as stellar New American/French etc. cuisine. Here are the "been there/done that" places that I always seem to wind up at: Jean Georges (my fav), Momofukus, EMP, Corton, Blue Hill, BHSB, Le Bernardin, Per Se, Babbo, Scarpetta, A Voce, Bar Room at Modern and Casa Mono come to mind. Because NYC is a bit of a trip for me, I am not that interested (at least this trip) in neighborhood places that would be terrific if you lived around the corner (or the deli, hot dog, etc). So, I welcome all suggestions and also would love input on Gramercy Tavern (I haven't been in a while and only once since Michael Anthony took over), Prune, Dovetail, Anthos, The Modern (formal) and Annisa. Many thanks in advance!
  13. Any guesses who will be next? http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/200...t=nytimesdining
  14. I saw this link - http://www.inotecanyc.com/liquori/about.php - which said that food is served from 5:00 p.m. and incorrectly thought that was when they opened. I am delighted to learn otherwise.
  15. Interesting! I loved the cocktails at Bar Milano and planned on inoteca but it said on their website that they opened at 5:00. This would be the PERFECT place if they are open all day. Update - just called and they are open from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. during the week. They still have the fantastic 323 cocktail (and at $10). This is the place!
  16. I will be meeting some friends in NYC this week - midweek - for drinks. I would love to take them to Death & Co. or PDT but the timing doesn't work out at all. Is there any place to get exceptional cocktails at an inappropriate hour on a week day. Location is not that important (will travel for alcohol . . . ) but I will be in the Union Square area.
  17. One person's view from a few days eating in NYC last week: -Corton was a tough reservation to get and seemed to be doing a brisk business -Jean Georges lunch was a full house - not an empty table -Dirt Candy - only 18 seats but they were all filled -Le Bernardin - about 1/2 - 2/3 full at lunch -WD-50 - we had a 10:00 p.m. reservation and had to wait an hour for our table (happy for them - not happy for us!)
  18. Corton seems to be the "hot" restaurant right now. Not the easiest reservation although I think it is easier to snag a first seating (6:00 p.m.) table. If food this good (at a fairly reasonable price point all things considered) can't survive this economy, god help us all!!
  19. We ate at Corton this past weekend and it was some if the best food I have ever had. "From the garden" warm salad and Violet Hill egg to start and the squab and turbot as mains. Broiche and white chocolate for dessert. It was stunningly beautiful food with real substance. I found it to be the perfect marriage of creativity and nourishment. I cannot recommend Corton enough!
  20. Hi all - Looking for some lunch suggestions. We'll be in NYC for one night and eating at Le Bernardin and Corton. I am looking for something interesting (Indian, Latin, Spanish or other non-American cuisine) that is big on flavor and quality of the ingredients. I've eaten at Casa Mono dozens of times and I would like to try someplace new. What is the current thinking on Devi? How does it compare to Bread Bar (eaten here at the bar twice) or Tabla (never eaten here). Thanks in advance!
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    Le Bernardin

    Excellent - do you recall the amount of the supplement?
  22. Mussina

    Le Bernardin

    I'm sure -- but I am just not a dessert person. Fish on the other hand . . .
  23. Thanks again! I booked at Le Colonial for lunch - the menu looks great - and Green Zebra for dinner. Dinner the first night is Alinea. I am planning to hit the Violet Hour as well (probably both nights!) Any other bar suggestions or good places to catch some music? What do people think of the Second City theater? Funny or tourist trap?
  24. Heading to Alinea on Friday for the Tour. What do people recommend for wine? Are the pairings the way to go and does anyone have a 2009 price? Many thanks!
  25. Mussina

    Le Bernardin

    Thanks so much - I LOVE raw food.
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