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  1. Thanks PCL, I'll bear those in mind. Meanwhile I have found somewhere just up the road from home who does it and I'll be trying it in the next day or so. Fingers crossed...
  2. Hi, Just wondering where in Sydney you can find a good fried oyster omelette. All recommendations gratefully received. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know where to get that wonderful Vietnamese crystallised ginger in Sydney? Over there it's called 'mut' or something which I think refers to all kinds of crystallised fruits - and there are loads of them. The stuff I'm talking about is wafer thin, like it's been shaved on a mandolin before being crystallised. It's dry and almost crisp and absolute heaven. I live in an area with a large Vietnamese population and lots of Vietnamese grocers and I've never managed to find it. Help! Thanks in advance
  4. Indeed, Llorenç Petras is the man to go to if mushrooms is what you're looking for. Bear in mind though that he's only open till about 1:30-2pm. ← Thanks everyone for your advice, Barcelona was a blast. Followed up on your suggestions re mushrooms, cooking them up for breakfast one morning [you said to get there early!]. Also tried Origens which was great and Can Mano in Barceloneta - very simple, hearty food and great fun. Had brilliant Basque tapas at Irati and amazingly managed to follow up with dinner at Restaurant Culleretes. I had beans and pork, deliciously soupy, eaten with a spoon and garnished with a big slice of morcilla. Mmmm. Avoid at all costs a shocking tourist rip off joint called The Four Cats. Believe me it wasn't my idea. We were with friends who'd had fun there once and I figured I shouldn't always call the shots so we went. Diabolical! Lesson learnt: continue to be foodie fascist when travelling with friends who aren't that into food.
  5. Indeed, Llorenç Petras is the man to go to if mushrooms is what you're looking for. Bear in mind though that he's only open till about 1:30-2pm. ← Great, thanks. I'll get there early.
  6. Ahem! Sydney Eats is NOT published by The Sydney Morning Herald. Yes, they do the Good Food Guide but Sydney Eats, which I edit, is published by Universal Mags. Sorry, I know that probably doesn't matter to readers but I thought it should be clarified. Anyhoo... I'd really recommend Sydney Eats [well I would, wouldn't I] but given your interest in good, simple, non-sceney places it really would be a good fit. We go to all those hole in the wall really good ethnic joints in the burbs as well as to about 80 Flash places if you feel like splurging.
  7. We rented an apartment as well, bringing a good sauté pan, two knives, a collection of basic spices, S&P, and an apron. We bought olive oil immediately and then shopped at the markets most days for dinner. It was a smashing success (save for one shrimp). I wrote a bit about it here. ← Sounds like a great adventure but really drives home how hard I'm going to have to work in the next 2 weeks on my Spanish! I wonder, do most of the market people speak Catalan or do they understand Castillian?
  8. For a superb hole in the wall, visit Casa Marcos (Bar Bodega Las Campanas – look for it on Calle Merced, #21 - tel. 315.06.09). We also call it Pacharan because of the drink Juan serves at the end. It's small, smoky, and very Spanish. Try the bacalao, jamon de toro, chistorra, morcilla, and pan con tomates. Very old-school Spanish and super rustic. Scroll down to the "eating and drinking" paragraph of the listing on my blog for more info: http://biscuits_brioche.typepad.com/biscui...ek21/index.html And of course, Pinotxo Bar in the market is a definite must. Have a blast! Great food. Superb wine. Cool folks. What more can you ask for? ← thanks Julesy. Love your blog, esp the bit about that cheese from Extremadura!
  9. Thanks! will definitely get down there. We're renting an apartment so we can COOK occasionally! It drives me mad staying in hotels all the time because great food markets just become a source of frustration - what can you do with all that stuff?
  10. The other insane part of this is just think about all the plastic packaging! Somebody's had to use our ever decreasing oil supplies to make that stuff, which is just cut off and chucked away! Packaging is one of the greatest wastes of resources and energy. Boycott the stuff!
  11. Thanks Rogelio. We're not hiring a car though, so can you get there easily by cab or train? If not I'm sure we'll find plenty by just walking around the Gothic quarter.
  12. Thanks Culinista. What part of Barcelona is it in, do you remember?
  13. I read with interest everyone's responses to Irish Adventurer in Aug re his trip to Barcelona and I'm going too, next month for five days. But what I'm really interested in is the simple places, not so much the mod foamy, molecular gastronomy-type places. I've noted the excellent suggestion for the bar at the market - sounds just right - and any other places like this I'd love to hear about. I guess I'm after the Spanish equivalent of a simple bistro. Many thanks in advance Stephanie
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