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  1. Had a fabulous long weekend trip to Seattle and enjoyed dining at Steelhead diner, Lark, Sitka & Spruce as well as Royal Grinder's. Seastar was okay and Crow didn't wow me. Loved the bread from Essential Bakery and Columbia Bakery. Had the chance to taste Top Pot Donuts after all. Too bad that we didn't have a chance to try Tilth.

  2. I absolutely agree with Patisserie Claude on W 4th St. No frill small shop, but what Chef Claude freshly bakes every morning surprises me every time I walk in. He delivers the most authentic French basic pastries in town, which make me feel that I were back in Paris. I believe Chef Claude takes one-month vacation in August.
  3. My friend and I had the dinner at Otto tonight. We ordered: Octopus appetizer - in my taste, octopus was cooked too much and lost its own texture Lentil Tuscan style - excellent Cauliflower Sicilian style - tastes great but a bit salty to me Pizza Bianca - plain pizza with olive oil and sea salt; I liked it, but my friend did not care for it at all. Chocolate hazelnut pudding with whipping cream - small, not too large portion and very tasty We did not get to order any of pasta dishes. Next time I will try one. I will definitely come back with more friends. It's a comfortable hangout place with good food, extensive wine list and fair service. Jukim
  4. Candlelight Inn serves supreme hot wings. I can take spicy food very well and none of hot wings in the City impressed me, but Candlelight Inn got me. I challenged to the most spicy version and called, "Uncle!" My other secret place is Col Legno on 9th Street. The Tuscan style of subtle pasta dishes and appetizers are awesome.
  5. Jukim

    Coffee too Strong?

    Just interesting fact: Whether Starbucks coffee is strong or not, the brand has been going strong even in Korea. Last year when I visited Korea, I was surprised by numerous Starbucks chains all over Seoul. It took over most of traditional coffee shops there already. Many Koreans used to drink coffee like tea (i.e., make very light coffee so that you can see the bottom of the cup and add no sugar/milk) or make coffee with ample sugar and cream. Now, Koreans consider Starbucks coffee as A rate coffee. Power of marketing can change people's taste...
  6. I went to Minado on 32nd Street twice. The place is full of tasteless pseudo sushi and hot food, which reminds me of NY city delis. Diner in Jackson Heights serves decent Indian buffet at deal price.
  7. Jukim


    Last night my husband and I had the dinner at Aureole. Due to negative reviews in this thread, I was a bit concerned about our choice, but I am pleased with the choice at last. The chef Dante Boccuzzi provided elegant and refined dining experience starting from 3 kinds of complimentary appetizers. I really liked my appetizer, which was butternut squash sauce with mushroom ravioli, but enjoyed the most with my main dish - venison with mushroom, shredded red cabbage and potato croquet with touch of rosemary spice. Warm chocolate and hazelnut pyramid dessert was great, but it was too rich and too sweet for my taste. Service was courteous and efficient, so I don't have much complaint for the service.
  8. I recommend "Onigashima" on 54th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. You can enjoy various home made Udon noodle soup dishes in affordable price.
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