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  1. I read today that Parkside is closing by March 1st and re opening a monthly later as a second la bacu. I am extremely saddened by this news…… Can any confirm whats going on?
  2. picked up a couple pkgs of dried Hawks Wing and Honey Mushrooms at the winter farmers this past weekend; any recommendation on what to do with them? So far I have tossing them into an omelet, stir fry, risotto, and soup, any other suggestions or recipes?
  3. I organized my work Chirstmas Party this past Tuesday at Cru, Mark did mentioned he opended this doors at Dolcetto that day. I plan on checking out the panini's sometime next week, and will post some pictures at that time. _____ I received an email a couple days ago regarding new management, chef and menu at Metro, anyone have any more information? I did a quick search but could not find anything, and their website is still under construction.
  4. 1) F12 Restaurant (Stockholm, Sweden)- Three course lunch last Friday. A glass of ‘06 F X Pichler Gruner Veltliner Klostersatz Federspiel Austria followed by a glass of ’05 Bodegas Artevino 'Orben' Rioja. (I know nothing about wine but both of these were very good ) Artichoke soup w/ king crab, mussel and salmon: A rich thick soup, every spoonful was slightly different. Very good. Coq au vin w/ thyme, bacon and potato puree: Perfectly cooked chicken and I really enjoyed the potatoes, too bad the jus was too salty in my opinion. White chocolate cheesecake w/ marinated berries: Prefect is the only way I could describe this dessert, my only regret was not asking what the berries were marinated in. Tied with La Terrazza white chocolate in phyllo as my favorite cheese cake dessert. Two hours later I added a couple clear plastic containers of ice cream to my tummy from Lux Dessert Och Choklad: Pistachio milk ice cream with strawberry jam followed by cinnamon ice cream with lime caramelized apples. Yes I know I eat alot. 2) Dynasty on No.3 road in Richmond for dinner. Over the last 6 month, this place has become my favorite quick Asian place to sit down and grab a bite in Richmond. 3) Vijs for dinner on Saturday the restaurant was pack which is nothing new. Three hour wait for a table which flew by after going for a walk and browsing thru Chapters. Vikram as always was a great host, signed my cook book since I remembered to being it this time and posed for a picture. Dinner is always consistent and never disappoints. Ginger lemon drinks. Local mushrooms in creamy potato curry, Samosas filled w/ lamb, beef and paneer, Dungeness Crab in coconut and cilantro w/ candies beets (4) to start/share. Followed by Beef short ribs in cinnamon and red wine curry, Wine marinated lamb popsicles (2), and the Beef tenderloin w/ almonds and garlic in a tomato/ yogurt curry. Ice cream with pistachios topped with silver leaf rounded off the meal.
  5. http://www.slowfoodcyclesunday.com/ Has anyone attending the Slow Food Cycle Sunday out in Pemberton before or are planning to this year? If you have been before, what did you think? Is it worth the trip? How long did it take? Pros, Cons, ect...? Thanks D
  6. That could be a part of the reason why they raised their prices the other could be the cost of ingredients. Our family always buy the Chinese green onion buns, over the last week I have noticed my favorite place to buy them have raised the prices from .65cents each to .98cents each.
  7. Yes Il Mercato I was to lazy to walk outside and check the sign.
  8. *rumor* A new Tim Horton’s will be opening on the corner of Commercial Drive and First in the strip mall; one tenant has already closed and two others will be re locating across the hallway. Anyone else heard about this?
  9. D90


    I received a Thomas Haas stollen and it was prefect; so prefect that I plan on making buying and eating one on my own a Christmas tradition from now on . I also tried to mimic it and make one at home, of course mine fell short but at least I tried.
  10. Where would I find the best Tiramisu in Vancouver? Where are you fav. places? Thanks D
  11. If you have to have late night dim sum, you can order some items from HKYK in Richmond on No 3 road.
  12. It’s probably old news but I just spotted a Vera’s on Commercial Drive a couple blocks from 1st. I now know where I am going to have lunch tomorrow.
  13. Thanks SBonner, on a side note I finally tried Wasubeez (you recommended it in a previous post) a couple weeks back since I work a stones throw away. All three of us had the Wasubitch Chicken Sandwich with fries and the aioli for lunch; great sandwich and the best aioli at a restaurant I’ve ever had (I love garlic). I did feel a little sorry for my last two appointments of the day though. Your right it is unfortunate about the street people, and I do understand it is really out of the restaurant control. I think the service may have been a little better if we sat inside since they were extreamly busy, I do plan on trying it again soon.
  14. So I finally made it out to Jules late (9:15pm) Friday night after going balding with a few friends. The restaurant was packed so we choose to stay and sit on the patio since it was such a nice evening. A hate to start off a review negatively especially since I had such high expectations for Jules and the meal did not disappoint but with that said a few thing did stand out negatively. - We were approaches 3 times for cigarettes by homeless individuals while we were eating. (No fault of the restaurant) - After the initial severing of water when we arrived our remained empty through the meal. - We to wait almost 30min between our Appetizer and Entrée; only two of four of us had appetizers so the other two waiting almost an hour of their meals. Now for the meal, two of us started with the Lobster and King Crab Bisque which was absolutely prefect. I liked having the sides of aioli and asiago cheese allowing you to add as much or little to suit your taste. We each chose a different main, and were pleased with our meals; but there was one item that I felt that could have been executed a little better. The Morel cream sauce was lacking that nutty morel taste and it wasn’t even thick enough to coat a slice of tenderloin. I tried a small piece of the other two dishes and they were all prefect, we also order a side of fries with mayo, aioli and mushroom sauce. Lobster and King Crab Bisque Served with Croutons, Rouille and Asiago Cheese. A side of Fried with Mayo, Aioli and Mushroom Sauce. 12 oz AAA Rib-Eye Steak with French Fries with Mushroom Sauce. Beef tenderloin with a Morel Cream Sauce, Ratatouille and Scallop Potatoes. Lamb Sirloin with Taboule, Fresh Mint and Cucumber Cream. We decided to skip on dessert this time around but I will defiantly be back in the near.
  15. Nope, but I know where you can liberate some from the confines of the field they are currently being held captive in ← Would it require a trip out to Chilliwack?? run2eat: True, thanks for the sugestion I will try looking for them there. I planning on wraping them in pork belly skewering and tossing them on the grill as a part of a bbq potluck. I recently tried it at a restaurant and it worked well.
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