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  1. looks like i'm headed to morimoto this weekend with some friends. it's been a few years since i've been here and just wondering if anyone had any opinions on the omakase? i've read on here to order with restrictions. nothing on the menu, etc. is that the way to go? any other restrictions?
  2. Never say never, Shola has a guest chef gig coming up next month at Blackfish: http://www.phoodie.info/2009/02/12/shola-t...one-night-only/ ← anybody have any idea what the menu looks like?
  3. Sounds great! I'm very much looking forward to it
  4. I'm going to be in the Orlando area for a few days in december and was thinking about checking this place out. Has anyone been? http://theravenouspig.com
  5. i'm in search of some good, grass-fed beef chuck by saturday. anyone know of a good source in philadelphia?
  6. any seating left? $150 for everything?
  7. chef, what is the best way to request reservations for these events?
  8. wow... i started freaking out when i saw it but then thought maybe i was just crazy
  9. arazi


    being one of the few restaurants in philadelphia i have yet to visit, i was planning on making a reservation at vetri for an upcoming anniversary. but now i am having second thoughts. first, a chef educator of mine informed me she recently dined at vetri and found a long curly hair in her cappuccino. while i understand things like that can happen, she said the staff didn't seem apologetic AND even charged her for the coffee. now i am reading some of these reviews. i'm not sure what to do. i'd rather form my own opinions on restaurants but i am a student and not exactly made of money.
  10. arazi

    molto mario

    i'm not sure they are still taping episodes
  11. arazi


    i've already been twice... once when gayle opened and another time a few weeks ago and, you're right, the food is amazing. gayle is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants
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