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    Your house!! I have clients in Cleveland area as well as other cities
  1. I don't post often here on Egullet, but I have James Falb's number if anyone is really interested. just call or email me. 440-622-5071 brian@worldsfareculinary.com. I am getting the same breed next week for making various items this winter. Cheeers,
  2. Day break is amazing cuz John is doing real special stuff like aged sumatra=rare and aged others that I can't remember names of (tanzanean i think). Plus he roasts to oder so when I call him with my order he roasts it right then and I pick it up. I usually prefer a darker roast while many like a medium roast. I think he hand cranks the roaster so it's a real art. No automatic settings. he's a pro. ke told me last week he plans to get more into the rare stuff and expanding the marketing of organic coffee features.
  3. I have not been to all of these places, but they are close by Clv. Hghts, Shaker area. I buy my beans from a local specialty coffee roaster in Willoughby. http://www.daybreakcc.com Phoenix Coffee Co 2287 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH (216) 932-8227 Java Jive 2481 Dysart Rd, University Heights, OH (216) 321-5500 Algebra Tea House 2136 Murray Hill Rd, Cleveland, OH (216) 421-9007 Kamikaze Coffee Shop & Deli 4630 Warrensville Center Rd, Cleveland, OH (216) 663-2895 Deweys Fair Trade Coffee Cafe - 13201 Shaker Square
  4. Thanks for posting about this here. I'm just finally getting the hang of Egullet. We raised over $10,000 at our first annual chili cook-off for Autism. It was a fabulous event considering we started planning it 2 months before. Next year will be even better. Cheers, Chameleon Chef
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