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  1. These really do sound like a fantastic addition to a kitchen! With so few disadvantages, I expect that MI will at some point in time replace gas and electric stovetops. Thanks for the tidbits! A few questions about the temperature setting: how precisely can you set the temperature? within 10-20 degrees Celsius? And does the maximal temperature that is reached depend on the steel/iron amount in your cookware? I would think that in order to get maximal induction, you need the greatest steel/iron content (like a cast iron pan). I don't know if that's true or not.
  2. I just read Gourmet mag's review on magnetic induction stoves, and it doesn't seem as if there are any cons to this technology. A broad range of temperatures can be attained extremely quickly, and the stovetop remains cool to the touch. The only drawback that was mentioned was that you have to have compatible cookware, but most cookware has some iron in it to allow for induction to occur. What are your thoughts on MI? Any disadvantages?
  3. I've had the occasional persimmon (perhaps unripe still) that leaves these bitter bits stuck to my tongue. It's quite unpleasant. Is that the astringency people are talking about? Nothing beats a ripe, juicy persimmon on a hot summer day. I could eat 10 of them in one sitting. I like mine mushy, and I love it when the seeds haven't yet fully developed and are gelatinous and chewy. Persimmon ices sounds delicious!
  4. Thanks for the tip! I've been to Duff's, but I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing? Where do you go for a peach concrete? Ted Drewes? That sounds fantastic. Speaking of frozen treats, an official gelateria opened a month or two ago. It's on Manchester off McKnight, called Gelato di Riso. Their gelato machines and flavorings are shipped directly from Italy, so it's the real stuff. The pistachio flavor is out of this world, and if you're more of a fruit fan, their green apple tastes like the real thing.
  5. I've lived in St. Louis for the past 3+ years, and I've recently gotten into the habit of going back to the same handful of my favorite restaurants in the area. Any other suggestions? What are your favorite St. Louis restaurants? I'll list mine by category below.... Favorite Chinese: Royal Chinese BBQ Favorite Italian: Trattoria Marcella Favorite Tapas: Modesto Tapas Bar Favorite Mexican: Arcelia's (I've heard that there are some great restaurants on Cherokee, but don't know which) Favorite Korean: Seoul Garden in St. Ann Favorite Vietnamese: Bahn mi so (their special sandwich with pate, along with spring rolls are the best...)
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