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  1. Current favourites for this Richmond local are: The Duke - gastropub The Bingham - upmarket with river views Gaucho - steak by the river
  2. We are going this Wednesday - can't wait!
  3. Any news on when Wild Honey is opening?
  4. Thanks very much everyone for the great suggestions!
  5. So, anyone been to La Noisette yet?
  6. Hi I am heading to Bologna for a few days in September. Wondering what the current restaurant recommendations are? Thanks Sue
  7. Hi Catherine We were in Berlin in May and had a lovely dinner at Restaurant Maxwell Sue
  8. I would say go for the rabbit...and get someone else to order the lamb But seriously, the rabbit is the nicer dish. ← I would go for the lamb - it was absolutely delicious! Though the rabbit was good too.
  9. Hi. My husband and I are heading to Berlin for a couple of nights at the end of May and am looking for some restaurant suggestions. Anyone know of anything a little special? Thanks
  10. Yes, I have been to the Walpole several times. Small, very friendly place. Only complaint would be that they over-salt the food...oh, and the serves are so huge that I never have a hope of finishing my meal!
  11. You can ask them for recommendations on restaurants, cafes and pubs. You specify if you are looking for a top-end restaurant, informal restaurant, pub that serves food or a cafe. Then say what area of the UK you are after, in what price range and what style of food (if applicable). You can also specify further criteria, such as child friendly, alfresco dining, romantic dining etc. Then there is a further section where you can add additional requirements, such as 'must be non-smoking' or 'near Piccadilly Circus' Then you enter your email address and submit your question. Within 24 hours you should receive an email back with 1 or 2 suggestions that fit your requirements. I asked them for a pub that serves food in West London and they suggested the The Angelsea Arms, which was exactly the type of place I was after. I also asked for an informal restaurant near Green Park and got an equally good suggestion. And all of this for no charge!
  12. Hi I discovered it a few of weeks back and asked them for a couple of recommendations. Received emails back within 24 hours with some pretty good suggestions. Sue
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