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  1. I myself have been calling it Ferranism for a couple of years, which I think is the term that best describes the movement. But to answer your question, I will once again quote Ferran: "Manifesto in hand, we contacted some friends that have followed our work for a longe time (Bob Noto, Toni Massanés, Jaume Coll, Pau Arenós among others), and each suggested names that, at this time, can serve to start up a debate: postmodern cuisine, transvanguardista cuisine, reformist cuisine, logical cuisine, evolutionist cuisine, etc. In the other hand, there are those who sugget that the most appropriate na
  2. I just got back from the Madrid Fusión. Many of the greatest were there. The Americans Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter and the Spanish Juan Mari Arzak and Martin Berasateguí, among many other star chefs, gathered in Madrid last week to talk food. But the biggest star of all at the fourth annual Madrid Fusión, widely regarded as the world’s most important gastronomic forum, was Ferrán Adrià, chef-owner of El Bulli restaurant, who has done for haute cuisine what the iPod did for music fans: nothing short of triggering a revolution. Adrià’s signature (and now ubiquitous) savoury foams are only
  3. ATTENTION: I have removed all the Senderens and Gaya pics from my mac site, so that's why some of you can't see them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Couldn't agree with you more, Tom - Toque would never get a Michelin star. Hate the new business-loungey room, and the snooty waiters, and the Startrek uniforms. The stark table settings seem chilling to me - how about some flowers and a cover plate? But above all, I find the food irregular and disappointing. Yes, Masa's better. So is Per Se, and Bernardin, and Jean-georges, and sooo many of the great NY restaurants. We just don't have anything at that level in Mtl or Toronto. As for my favourite near the CN Tower, I must say it's Canoe. Sweeping views, outstanding service, beautiful, colour
  5. yes, the family sold after all these years - they wanted to retire! And who better than Alain Ducasse to take over and maintain standards? So they're quite relieved and happy, I hear.
  6. Well, I've got the images up on my Mac website, for those of you who are interested, together with others showing Pierre Gagnaire's Gaya, at http://homepage.mac.com/aleforbes/PhotoAlbum19.html sorry, but don't know how to put them up on this forum.... A.
  7. I just got back from Paris. Had dinner at Senderens one night, then lunch another day, then a second lunch at its upstairs bar. Food and wine pairings are impeccable. I did not mind portion sizes, and was impressed by the delicate and elaborate presentations, with a drizzle of foamy sauce here, two tiny chervil leaves there, either on large round plates with leather-textured edges or black rectangular ones. One high point was the tiny calamari (chipirons) done on the grill, its tentacles deep-fried to a crisp, the flesh lustrous and tender, arranged as a colourful canvas, with small pieces of
  8. Well, I had dinner there on Saturday and loved it. Veal tongue in superthin slices, mounted like a terrine, then served as a tall slice, with lentils and drizzle of creamy horseradish sauce. Splendid tête de veau with boiled potatoes and chopped hard-boiled eggs, pleasantly tart, also great. Gigantic chocolate mousse, more than enough for two, dense and classic-tasting. Tarte tatin, ruby coloured on top but not quite caramelized, served in big wedges with cream (or ice cream if you ask). Fourteen choices on the cheese board, matured to perfection. Mr. Ducasse has kept everything almost the sa
  9. And here are 3 more photos http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11292724...1917_704368.jpg http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11292724...1917_723314.jpg http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11292724...917_1262483.jpg
  10. I had lunch there yesterday and I'm still recovering from the 3 huge slices of foie gras with toasted baguette, with Sauternes, followed by a dozen huge and very garlicky escargots with a glass of white Burngundy, fraises des bois from Malaga. I was alone and this cost me 140 euros. here is a pic, I've only learned how to upload one at a time. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11292724...917_1698498.jpg
  11. I'd like to post 2 photos of l'Ami Louis here, but don't know how. Can someone help? I work on a Mac... thanks.
  12. Thank you so much, John - I'm already following these leads, although I haven't found the Gourmet article just yet. Your help is much appreciated! a.
  13. I am a Brazilian food writer and I am off to Paris on Wednesday to write a feature story on l'Ami Louis, coincidently. In fact, I am trying to find out more about its history, owners and chefs, and any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Alexandra Forbes www.alexandraforbes.com
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