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  1. My husband and I ate at Flyte in June and loved it. The menu was quite varied and it changes weekly (or daily...can't remember which). What we particularly enjoyed about this restaurant was that it was more of a dining experience in that we felt no pressure to hurry our dinner along. They weren't trying to turn the tables. There is a "room" by the kitchen similar to a chef's table where we sat. There were 4 tables in the area and they had it separated from the main dining area with curtains. You'll need to make reservations.


  2. Just found out that we are going to be doing a Tequila Tasting this summer at the beach. I'm not in charge of the tequila aspect but, instead, food. I'm not even sure if this is the correct forum to be posting in but I certainly hope someone out there can offer me some suggestions.

    We're planning on tasting 6 to 7 different tequilas and I'm looking for complimentary foods to accompany them. My past tequila drinking never involved food so I'm at a loss. I think they're only including me in the tasting because I'll be making the food! My only restrictions are that 1 person is allergic to fish but can eat shellfish...weird, I know.

    Can anyone help? Also, anyone have a favorite tequila that we should include in our mix?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


  3. Oh God! Not Finnegans Wake! Irish bar! Madness! From there it's a slippery slope down Victoria Street to the stag night-hen party hell of the Grassmarket.

    You could try, instead, the Cafe Royal bar just off the east end of Princes Street (beautiful decor); Frazers at the Dome on George Street (again for decor and cocktails; starting to get pricey, though); the Doric on Market Street (just round the corner from Waverley train station)--good old-fashioned boozer. I like the Traverse Bar on Lothian Road for a "modern, youngish, arty" vibe, myself. If you're adventurous, you could head to Leith and the King's Wark bar or the Waterfront. Both nice places.

    As for cakes, a new place called Falko Konditormeister has opened up between Tollcross and Bruntsfield (stay on Lothian Road and keep going). Wonderful Black Forest Gateau. Also try Plaisir du Chocolat on Canongate (lower part of the Royal Mile). Great Sachertorte.

    Enjoy Edinburgh when you come! Congrats on the wedding!


    Wonderful suggestions. I'm putting The Doric on the top of the list as well as the King's Wark bar...what's a wark?

    Will also check out the pastry shops. Karen

  4. If you have access to car during your stay in Inverness, a 30-40 minute drive to Fortrose for a visit to The Anderson would be enjoyable. Moderately priced (by UK standards). Very good food, great whisky bar, frequently with music. (The proprietor is also a beer maven, so there's an excellent selection of Belgian brews, too.) And if you have a few too many, it's also a hotel. The Anderson is directly across from the remains of a medieval cathedral.

    Sounds lovely...and we do love our beer! I'm wondering if it is on a train route...hmmm....will investigate! Thank you.

  5. What initially was a big blow out trip planned among two couples has now turned into a honeymoon with chaperones! We will be honeymooning in Scotland starting August 31 but with all the expense of paying for a wedding, we find ourselves a bit strapped for cash. So what I'm hoping for is some good food/drink suggestions for folks traveling on a budget. We will be in Edinborough, Inverness and Glasgow. Does anyone have suggestions for good local eats that won't break the bank? I'm also a pastry chef so if you've got some suggestions for pastry shops, I'll take them as well.

    On the drinking side, I got rave reviews for a place in Edinborough called Finnegan's Wake....and that's about it. Thoughts?

    Thanking you in advance. Karen

  6. Certainly....but i have to check the components first. It would suck if the first time I post a recipe I screw it up! Will let everyone know when I've done it.

    Passion fruit........looks like I'm going to have to make up a few batches now.

  7. I'm definitely going to have to check out the local supply of clammy groundcherry when I go up again next month! I'm thinking that if I choose this route, I might omit "clammy" from the label!!!!

    I also like the idea of the pomegranite rose. That one would be easy enough for me to experiment with!!!

  8. I make this yummy honey jelly and have been for years. Mainly for personal friends but I'm investigating taking to another level. I've got what I think are great flavors -- cranberry, raspberry, lemon, mango, and apricot. This jelly gets all of its sweetness from the honey and whatever flavor I use -- no added sugar.

    Anyway...now to my brain freeze: I want to make new batch as guest favors for my upcoming wedding and I'd like it to be something truly unique. Maybe its just that I've got brain overload with all the other wedding details but, for the life of me, I can't think any more. I mean there's the obvious -- strawberry, peach, etc. -- but I'd like to do some type of duo flavor combination instead.

    If it helps you do the thinking for me the wedding will be outside, in August, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

    Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Karen

  9. The gulch area is in downtown Nashville and at the most it will be a 10 minute cab ride but I don't know cab rates here. Judge Beans (mentioned up-thread) is also in the gulch.

    Nashville is SORELY missing quality food shops/markets. We do have a Farmer's Market downtown (8th Avenue...I believe) with nice produce and it's open daily. There is an inside part to the market that has some interesting stands as well....asian, one that sells only hot sauces, a nice chocolate/dessert shop, and a few restaurants. I was just there this past weekend and they've started to have a good selection of produce.

    We do, however, have a large Latin American population here and if you are interested in that, there are some great little restaurants on Nolensville Road....that will be a good 20-30 minute cab ride. There is a place called Las Americas that makes wonderful papusas (it's attached to a latin grocery store)!!!

    Beyond that, Nashville isn't very food oriented. We've got the chain type food stores and that's about all. My suggestion to wile away the time is to bring your bathing suit and hang out at the hotel pool!

  10. Zola's on West End is always a good bet for a nice meal.

    Park Cafe on Murphy Road as well.

    I've heard good things about Watermark located in the Gulch (12th Avenue downtown). What I've heard: "everything on menu sounded sumptious, the presentation is beautiful, and the service is out of the world".

    In the Germantown area, the Germantown Cafe, the Mad Platter, and Morells (family style).

    Sunset Grille has an extensive wine list and the food is great.

  11. My memories growing up always include pineapple upside-down cake, the yellow cake mix that you poked holes in with a toothpick and then poured jello over the top, and angel food cake filled with english toffee mixed with whipped cream or, if summer, filled with whipped cream and strawberries. One more memory -- the remnants of pie dough that she would sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake.

  12. Hi Kate! I'm glad to hear that all is going well at the tea shop.

    Whenever I think of tea, for whatever reason, I think of crumpets. I don't know much about their shelf life as I've never made them myself...just eaten them! I believe there is a crumpet place in Seattle at or around Pike Place Market. I'll do a search and see what I can find.

    Next time I'm in Memphis, I'll be sure to stop in! Karen

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