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  1. Damn ... i knew it ... my problem currentyl is: I am far away from Hamburg (and the Library) and I have to enter the "Ring" on wednesday Lunch time ... But It is a good "hint" ... So I will try to get to Hamburg on Monday and will study Imbibe...
  2. Dear all I am currentyl in the need for your outstanding knowledge of classic drinks. I am invitetd to a kind of TV Show. The host is one of germans best known Master Sommeliers. So we will talk about wine based classic cocktail. He likes me to serve him a NEW YORK sour / sour with a splash of claret boredeax red wine. BUT ... it is also a little bit "Mastersommelier vs Bartender" - and I have to take care that the bartenders win this one ! So I am very thankful for every Detail you can get me about the History of a New York Sour and related drinks. I am also very thankfull for all advices for other classic wine based Cocktails. Thank you all Kind regards Jörg Meyer
  3. No . it is called Pimms Winter No.3 - it made with Brandy as a base (No. 1 is with Gin) In the past it was just No. 3 ("Winter" is just new marketing stuff)
  4. "I am English, and true Englishmen drink beer on a summer's day, while watching some sort of sporting event (or travesty, if it is an England Football match)." I think a real Englishmen also goes for a Pimm's Cup - Beer and Sports is fine (no sports at all - is even more british) - but did you ever saw a hooligan having a pimm's cup? :-) My recommendation: Pimms Cup with fresh lemon juice, gomme and soda - aka homemade lemonade - don't use sprite or seven up. You need a good soda siphon for this homemade lemonade. I like this extra shot of Gin in it as well. Great articel angus ! Regards Jörg
  5. Dear Erik, I talked to Stephan and here are the results: Robert Hess is right, TBT working on a rebirth of an BOKERS BITTER. In the past, they made 2 different batches, a tribute to a printed old recipe. Have a look http://www.aawabp.net/downloads/TBTBokers.jpg (sorry - I don't know how to post pictures here) They gave a few samples on the Barshow 06 in Lodon for example to Jarred and Anastacia. Stephan meet a few mixologyst in London ( I think Gin Symposium) and gave them also the samples to try: Ted gave good notes, Sasha agree also I think. Stephan open one of his original bokers bottles and he said his new samples are still a little bit away from the old bokers taste. So he is working on a perfect one. If you have a few tousend Euro to spend tell him - he want's to make a chemical analysis of an old bottle - but it is very expencive. Kind regards Jörg Meyer
  6. Yes, I think a gentlemen from the bitter truth is working on a rebirth of a classic bitter. Here is, I think a recipe from the Drinkboy forum http://the-bitter-truth-bitters.blogspot.c...ts-bitters.html And if you prefare the old bokers taste - give UNICUM Bitter a try. Kind regards Joerg Meyer
  7. I put a few scanns from Traveling Gin 1934 online http://www.flickr.com/photos/joerg_meyer/s...57594358747873/ Pinonners of Mixing Gin at Elite Bar 1903-1933 by American Traveling Mixologists A Tribute to Mr. Charles C. Mueller Al Hoope Senior A.V. Guzman James Cunningham NEW YORK CITY January 1934 Kind regards Jörg Meyer
  8. Hi Erik, thats why i like to serve the old fashion with a kind of mini muddler .... in germany we have them, made from glass, normally used for tea glasses (O.k. UK Tender...listen...We don't serve Tee glasses ..but its popular in germany) So we do a wedge of Orange and a wedge of Lemon in the old fashion and the guest can muddle it a little bit their style.... most Old Fashion Drinkers like it that was... Kind Regards Jörg Meyer
  9. No... Fernta Branca and Menta are really good made and nice in taste (if you one ore to glasses). But thats a little bit of my question. You now...here we have next to germany brand like Jägermeister and Underberg, The Italian Gang like Fernet, Cynar, Campari (bitter) Braulio, Averna, Ramazotti... but ...for this are all ery good spirits, but ...when you compare it to other spirits...they are not "premium" ... does there exist an premium herbal market .. like it is at vodka or gin? Kind Regards Jörg Meyer
  10. As I am doing some "market" research for my cousin, I want to ask: What is the most "premium" herbal liquor you know, you prefer... For example here in Germany Jägermeister and Underberg are very famous...but they are not really high end... Did their exist a real premium herbal brand in the spirit market? Thanks for your tips. Kind Regards Joerg.Meyer
  11. This is a really great invention for cocktail bar --- great ! -- think this will be new standard in mixology bars around the world... WELL DONE --- Kind Regards Joerg Meyer
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