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  1. Add to the fact that it is next to impossible for these workers to get to work via public transportation because public transportation is few and far between outside of the city.
  2. Welcome, LikestoEatout! I'm trying to imagine the variations. Must have been at your end, unless you went around the lake? ← We have done the Circle Tour a few times but we vary the ways we go through Wisconsin. Now that 61 has been changed and widenend some, the traffic sure is crazy, I miss being able to pull over and walk along the shoreline. Have you ever noticed the chalet high on the bluff near the tunnel outside of Two Harbors? That's Jumerhof, owned by Jim Jumer of Peoria. My uncle did all the woodwork for him and I have had the chance to go up there, a spectacular view of Lake Superior. And to keep this food related, one of my favorite places to eat is Birch Terrace in Grand Marais.
  3. Thanks for all the good pictures. For 20 years our annual fall trip was to Grand Marais with variations on how to get there from the far west suburbs of Chicago. We haven't been in about 4 years now, your pictures make me ready to go! Thank you!
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