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  1. I have had the bacon, western sage sausage, baby back and spare ribs, and pork chops and all have been great. ahurwich
  2. The journey began at Matt's Big Breakfast in downtown Phoenix. The salami and bacon were so good I wanted to know who was the purveyor of the pork. Matt Pool gave us directions to Queen Creek, and an hour drive later we are at THE PORK SHOP. The Pork Shop, 3359 Combs Rd. Queen Creek, AZ, 85242, (480) 987-0101 has only one white meat, (only pork products sold here) and they know all about the pig. Owner Matt Combs The vault of pork Nothin' says lovin' like bacon in the oven Ready to come home with you Various flavors of Bratwurst and Italian Sausage Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ri
  3. I live 35 miles from Cyclo have an SUV and don't mind the drive to this restaurant. The pork short ribs and black pepper shrimp are excellent. And yes, the spicy garlic green beens are that good. Go to Cyclo NOW.
  4. Binkley's Restaurant reopens thursday september 15 after a short summer break. Everything is right in the world again.
  5. Genny Binkley's is worth the drive. There were 4 people at this meal and some duplication of dishes so the pictures don't ad up to a 4 course tasting menu for 4 people. For more information on the menu options and pricing go to www.binkleysrestaurant.com. The restaurant can accomadate a limited number of diners at one time, seats about 50 I think, and during the season it can be difficult to get a last minute reservation at prime time. However, if you call ahead you shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Viva I would say that Binkley's is more Scottsdale laid back.
  7. Less than a week later and I was back at Binkley's. I needed a fix to hold me over while the restaurant is closed from 8/21- mid-September. A little research showed some pretty impressive accolades for Binkley's. Bon Appetit magazine Hot 50 restaurants March 2005 James Beard Foundation nominated to be a finalist for best new restaurant. Arizona Republic best new restaurant. Phoenix Magazine best new restaurant 2004 and 2005. So good they had to praise them again. Many other local reviews of distinction. Ribeye Cap, roasted salsify, pearl onions, morel mushrooms, demi-glace Creamy Corn Soup(A
  8. Kevin Binkley is a 1995 graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. After working in the kitchens of Thomas Keller's French Laundry, Patrick O'Connell's Inn at Little Washington,(as executive sous chef), as well as other restaurants, he and his wife Amy opened Binkley's Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona in 2004. Amy, also a chef, is the maitre d' and manages the restaurant. The menu changes daily and features unique pairings of ingredients that are imaginative and complementary. Each dining experience I have had at Binkley's is better than the last. This is a recent meal at Binkley's Butte
  9. I told a friend about "Lo Lo's chicken & waffles" and his reply was 'Oh, they serve breakfast and lunch'. No, both items on the same plate. Wonderful fried chicken. I hadn't put hot sauce on fried chicken before, but now it just doesn't seem right without a few drops. I had rarely see giblets and gravy on a menu so I took my father in for lunch as this is one of his favorite foods, but they were offered at dinner only so he ordered catfish wasn't disappointed in the least.
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