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  1. silly me... found out it was actually just STEAK & FRIES and the restaurant is L'Entrecote. has anyone been? is it worth the trip? i will be making a rezzo at La Tupina shortly, but when googl'ing Le Cape, i couldn't find any information. does anyone know of a website, address, or phone number? thanks much!
  2. thank you so much kate, for your suggestions (your blog is fabulous btw!). a girlfriend of mine says that her "favourite restaurant in the ENTIRE WORLD" is in bordeaux. too bad she can't remember said favourite restaurant's name. *sigh* clue #1: by the opera. clue #2: only serves beef dip & fries does this ring a bell to anyone? apologies for my ignorance, but is beef dip/french dip even really french?
  3. i will also be in france in may for 3 weeks (first time--YAAAYYY!) and am waiting on bryan's reports with bated breath. i found very reasonable hotel rates through venere.com much better rates than expedia/orbitz/priceline/etc... for the same hotels. one can also google "venere discount code" for a -4% coupon. take care all
  4. absolutely brilliant joe! thank you so much for all of your hard work. it is very much appreciated. the petit ami and i will be in bergerac/bordeaux/paris from may 1st to may 21st. this marks my first trip to france and his first trip off of the continent. as we are both recent university graduates, we will be sticking to a budget and we really appreciate all of your suggestions. we will definitely report back with pictures take care all! ps-if anyone has any dining suggestions in the bordeaux/bergerac region & surrounding areas, it would be very helpful!
  5. i'd have to say that bistro pastis' valrhona chocolate cake is the best half-baked/lava/chocolate cake i have had in recent memory...
  6. the food at Portobello Ristorante is fabulous. all of their pastas dishes are priced at $12.50 and other entrees (osso buco, halibut, veal) range from the mid-teens to mid-twenties. my only gripe with Portobello is that their service is clumsy and slow most of the time. here's the dinehere.ca profile of portobello: click me!
  7. i've lived in kits for 20+ years and am surprised that no one on this thread has mentioned Kerkis on W. 4th & Dunbar or Olympia on W. Broadway, next to Minerva's. both places serve great food and are family restaurants, but the biggest difference is the service. though Olympia gets a vote for its homemade pizzas, i have never had worse service at a restaurant (one of those nightmarish stories of bussing your own table and the non-existant server)...very possibly a one-off but i still haven't been back. instead, Kerkis has been satisfying my greek cravings. also, their lunch menu is extremely reasonable for the amount and quality of food. my personal favourites are the chicken liver appies and their lamb souvlaki. the atmosphere is much livelier than the aforementioned, especially if you choose to sit at their appetizer/tasting bar. Kerkis is located where Lorenzo's used to be and offer plenty of free underground parking (bonus!). yummy yummy yummy....
  8. yes indeed! those are the ones!!! too bad i can't just pluck them from my screen. i think i'll save myself the trouble of driving around everywhere and just order them from amazon. (absolutely brilliant! thanks D90!) and at $10 and change US for 2.2lbs ain't too shabby. thank you to and everyone for all of your suggestions. they were very much appreciated.
  9. no luck at costco downtown... the only truffles at Patisserie Bordeaux were the ones that they make in-house. the last time i had visited must have been 10+ years ago and i forgot how wonderful it is there. the chausson and the pear frangipane didn't get a chance make it home for a picture op.
  10. my mother received a box of Truffettes de France truffles for christmas while down in SFO, brought them home, and my friends and i DEVOURED them over new year's eve. i now owe her a box. my unsuccessful attempts at finding another box have been at the following: -meinhardt -capers (w. 4th / cambie st.) -choices (w. 16th / shannon station) -urban fare -safeway -iga -T&T, richmond -shoppers -zellers these little guys are by no means gourmet, nor are they expensive, but i can't seem to track them down anywhere. this has now become a bit of a quest. YVR egullet-ers: has anyone seen them around? and what should my next plan of attack be? any advice would be appreciated.
  11. for high end: i'll second/third/fourth Saito's over Nishino's. their sushi/sashimi is always well above par, they have an extensive sake list, and the best part, their GREEN TEA TIRAMISU. mmm.... in terms of more casual sushi/japanese, i would suggest sitting at the bar at Hiroshi's . Hiroshi's sushi is creative yet still traditional. he also highlights one (or more) seasonal ingredients and makes a full fresh sheet of items with them. a highly underrated neighbourhood restaurant on eastlake (a much better choice than i love sushi, imho). After the guy who now owns Kisaku left I Love Sushi, I haven't been back. Last I remember, they were "eh". Not bad, not remarkable. ←
  12. a reputable vietnamese friend advised me to go to "Pho Thai" (no Hoa), and said that it was near the intersection where Kingsway met Main and Broadway and across the street from Kingsgate Mall. i was unable to find it via google, but does he mean Pho Thai Hoa?
  13. omg omg omg...it's been just over a year and i've forgotten all about hairy crab roe XLBs. boo you canucklehead, for reminding us that we won't be able to get them here!!! lol! i still stand behind Long's XLBs as i find SW's wrapper too thick, and SR to be good, but much too pretentious. one thing that i've never understood was how shanghainese places that specialize in XLBs make a profit...making and wrapping those little suckers are so time-intensive. it's still surprising to me that you can get one for around, if not less than, 50 cents! i've heard that well made XLBs have at least 16 folds. has anyone else heard of this?
  14. glad you'll be coming back up to visit us during the long weekend. i really hate to give this place up since they only seat about 25-30 people, but if you love xiao long baos, try Long's Noodle House on main street (mandarin: xiao long ji; cantonese: xiu long gae). they have all of your yummy old-skool shanghainese favourites. for lunch, they close at 3pm, so i usually get there around 2:15pm and not have to wait for a table. between my bf and i, we usually just get one green onion cake, one order of xiao long bao (6 pcs.), and one bowl of noodle--either the braised chicken & veggie in soup if we're feeling blah, or tza tzeung meen (translation: fried sauce noodle (?)-wow, my parents would have a coronary if they ever saw how badly i butcher chinese...*sigh*) when we feel like a bowl of "chinese spaghetti" as my bf calls it. the 3 items, more than enough to share between the two of us, usually puts our bill just under $13 CDN. crazy, eh? keep in mind, like many chinese restaurants in town, they only accept cash. they're on the west side of main street, between 32nd and 33rd. have a wonderful visit!
  15. i'm sorry you only had good time, and not an amazing time at Crush. both my bf and i worked for Jason & Nicole before we moved north to vancouver. Jason really does put out some incredible dishes, most notably the foie and the short ribs--order an extra side of gnocchi with it...mmm! and in their defense (though they do not need this, nor have they solicited it), it has been very crazy for them with both the opening of the upstairs (i believe the kitchen stayed the same size when they doubled their seating), as well as the birth of their first child. give it some time and another chance...i have no doubt that Crush will win you over.
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